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North Carolina Car Insurance

Buying a car insurance can be a very hectic job as there are simply many options to choose from. Many companies offer various insurance plans at different rates and different percentage of coverage. Hence it is very important to select a plan which would be perfect financially as well as for the coverage. Also, the car insurance is not the same in every state. The car insurance in North Carolina is different than from the other states. Here we have a list of all the car insurance in North Carolina and auto insurance in North Carolina.

We have insurance plans from almost all the car insurance companies in North Carolina and all the auto insurance companies in North Carolina. Amongst the list, you can select the best car insurance in North Carolina and the best auto insurance in North Carolina. You can select the cheapest of these insurances and can find the one insurance that suits you. There are also various coverage options that are offered by different companies from which you can select any one that suits you.

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Average Rates in North Carolina

The average rate of car insurance in the state of North Carolina is around 1000 US dollars a year. There are many different factors that affect this number depending upon different criteria’s of different companies. The factors which are considered while determining the cheap auto insurance rate includes the age of the driver, the driving record of the driver, the model of the car, the safety features installed in the car, the frequency of claims in the owner's neighborhood, etc.

These all factors are accounted for and the car insurance rate is calculated by a formula which is different for every insurance company. Hence the rate of companies may vary a lot amongst themselves as their calculations are based on different formulas. Hence it is very important that all the available car insurance should be compared with each other and the most suitable one should be selected accordingly.

For example, same insurance coverage of two different companies for the same car could be $1000 and $1800 respectively. Since the factors accounted are the same, it is the formula that makes such a huge difference of $800 dollars every year. Hence, while selecting an insurance, make sure to compare it with insurance from other companies as well.

Car insurance requirements in North Carolina

There are some minimum requirements which are stated by the state of North Carolina that are required to be fulfilled by the car owners in order to own a car insurance. The factors that should be covered in the insurance includes insurance for injuries or death of one person in the accident which is stated at $30000. The insurance for injuries or death of more than one person in an accident is set up at $60000. There is also an additional coverage, which is of $25000 which is for any type of property damage done during the accident.

The states want such coverage on every vehicle on the road and honestly, it is a very fair price as compared to other states. The insurance premiums in the state of North Carolina are one of the lowest in the states. If the car owner buys a good car insurance from the market, he insures not only himself or his family but also the person driving the other vehicle. Thus the state ensures that every family living in it should be safe and should be ensured by an insurance so that even in a terrible tragedy, the family will have some support later.

However, if the insurer opts for the cheapest car insurance in the market, then the insurance company won’t pay for the damages caused by the insurer nor it would cover the damages caused to the other vehicle. However, choosing this insurance is still a good idea for a person who owns an old car and has the higher premium on average insurance.

Type North Carolina Minimum Requirements Study Limits
Bodily Injury Liability $30,000 per person, and $50,000 per person, and
up to $60,000 per accident up to $100,000 per accident
Property Damage $25,000 per accident $25,000 per accident
Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist* $25,000 per person, and $50,000 per person, and
up to $50,000 per accident up to $100,000 per accident

In the state of North Carolina, it is compulsory for every driver to have a car insurance. Either the person driving the car should carry a certificate of insurance or should have the policy number or the insurance company’s number so that in case of an accident, it is easy to contact the insurance company and to claim the cost of damages occurred in the accident. If there is some sort of error or incomplete insurance or outdated insurance owned by the owner of the vehicle owner, the car driver/owner of the vehicle will receive an FS 5-7 form from the DMV.

This form should be fulfilled and returned to the DMV within 10 days of its issuing period with the information about the new and updated insurance policy. If this form is not filled and returned to the DMV, the license of the car owner can be suspended for a period of 30 days and also a penalty can be imposed on such a person. In case of a suspended license, the person had to complete the FS-1 form and pay the penalty fees in order to reinstate his license.

There are many insurance companies in the states that offer man insurance plans. We have considered all of them and here are some of the factors that need to be considered while buying any insurance.

Coverage limitsAverage annual rate
Liability Only – state minimum$347
Liability Only - 50/100/50 BI/PD$383
Full Coverage - 100/300/100 BI/PD
$500 Comp/Collision deductible
  • The liability of the insurance: the lowest car insurance plan does not cover everything. Hence, to the individuals that can afford a good insurance plan, we recommend that they buy an insurance which is higher than the lowest car insurance plan as it will cover a lot of damage caused in the event of an accident. The type of insurance plan you select totally depends on the net worth you have. If your net worth is very high, there is a strong chance that you might get sued after an accident. Hence we recommend such individuals to buy an insurance plan which covers the damages caused during an accident up to a greater extent.
  • The Collision coverage: covers the damages caused to a car during an accident. If the car is less than 10 years old, it is highly recommended to get the collision coverage as the price of fixing the car after a collision is very high. But if the car is more than 10 years old, it can be avoided. Although if the car is worth more than $3000 even after 10 years, it is wiser to get a collision coverage.

  • The Comprehensive coverage: covers the cost of the vehicle in case it is stolen. Any car can be stolen at any day, hence it is recommended to have this cover. But if the car is very old and its net worth is not so high, it can be avoided as the cost of insurance will be much higher than the actual price of the car.
  • The Medical Insurance: if the person gets into an accident, the medical insurance covers the cost of treatment that the person receives up to $25000, regardless of whose fault the accident was. The medical insurance covers the cost for the driver and the passengers and also provides additional coverage to a person who was hit by the vehicle while walking or biking. If an individual does not have medical insurance, we highly recommend him to get medical insurance covered as accidents can happen at any instant and they can’t always be avoided. Hence it is always a good idea to be insured.
  • The Gap Insurance: if an individual does not own a vehicle and has taken it on a loan, then in case of an accident with such a vehicle, the insurance company covers the difference between the cars’ values and the remaining balance of the loan left. Thus, it is a very good option for those individuals who have taken a car on loan and have put around 20% of the car value as the down payment.

Here are some of the best car insurance companies that we recommend according to the number.

  1. State Farm Group
  2. Nationwide Group
  3. USAA group
  4. North Carolina FB Insurance group
  5. National General companies
  6. Allstate Insurance group
  7. Progressive Insurance group
  8. Liberty Mutual Insurance
  9. Erie Insurance group

Laws in North Carolina

  • Contributory negligence: The contributory negligence law in the state of North Carolina states that if the person driving the vehicle was at fault, then his claim can be canceled as the accident was due to the person's fault. Hence it is very important to ensure that while buying an insurance, the damages caused to the vehicle should be covered irrespective of the driver's fault. Hence it is recommended to have collision coverage so that the damages caused to the vehicle are covered every time.
  • The DL 123 form: In the state of North Carolina, it is compulsory for every driver to have a liability auto insurance. Hence It is necessary that the driver fill DL 123 form. It is necessary to have a filled DL 123 form and signed from the insurance company or it could put the driver in trouble.
  • The Settlement of claim: It is necessary to take action on a claim with the insurance company within the period of 30 days. They have to inform the claimant about the claim and what is the status of it, even if means reporting them that the claim has been denied.
  • Uninsured Penalties: It is necessary to have an insurance for every vehicle in the state of North Carolina. Failing to have insurance can result into penalties of up to $1000 fine and can result in cancellation of license.
  • Speeding Laws: The speeding laws are very strict in the state of North Carolina and breaking this law for the first time can result in cancellation of driving license for the period of 30 days. A second offense may lead to 60 days suspension.

Speed Limits in North Carolina

Rural Interstates

Cars (MPH) Trucks (MPH)
70 70

Urban Interstates

Cars (MPH) Trucks (MPH)
70 70

Other Limited Access Roads

Cars (MPH) Trucks (MPH)
70 70

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