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Will Car Insurance Pay For A New Car Seat?

Many people are unaware of all of the things that a car insurance plan can cover. People with children sometimes have car seats in their vehicles, which can be damaged if the vehicle is in an accident. Since many people keep their car seats in their vehicles, regardless of whether their children are riding with them or not, the likelihood that they are damaged is higher than people may think. If you are in an automobile accident, you may be wondering if your car insurance carrier will pay to repair your baby car seat, or even replace it. Learn everything you need to know about how car insurance covers car seats of different types right here at Cheap Auto Insurance.

State Laws Mandate The Use Of Car Seats For Infants And Small Children

In many cases, auto insurance plans do not cover any of the items in your vehicle. If you have certain types of car insurance policies, the car seat in your vehicle could be covered after an accident. Car seats are one of the items a person can have in their vehicle that is covered by insurance plans.

If you have been in an accident and your baby's car seat was in your car at the time of the accident, there is a chance that it is seriously damaged. Many people are not aware of what this serious damage could look like, and it might not even look damaged. Professionals agree that it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the safety of children. Due to this, it is better to err on the side of caution and replace the unit. Make sure that you have a car seat that is fully functioning and meets legal guidelines whenever you are driving with a child.

Most manufacturers of car seats recommend replacing a car seat after any type of accident, regardless of whether there is visible damage or not. The structural integrity of the car seat may have been affected during the crash. Not only that, but the majority of states require that children and infants use car seats when being transported in a motor vehicle. Each state has different rules and requirements when it comes to these types of guidelines, with some states regulating based on age.

Even after a child outgrows a car seat, children can be required to transition to a booster safety seat. Every state except for two have requirements for this type of transition. Children must remain using the car seat until they are old enough to use an adult seat. The seatbelts in motor vehicles are designed for adults, making car seats and booster seats essential for child safety. Each state can have different laws, however, that are used to determine when a child is old enough for adult seatbelt use.

When To Replace A Car Seat

After any type of vehicle accident, regardless of whether it was a minor accident or a severe accident, your child’s car seat or booster seat should be replaced. In some cases, there may be visible damage to the seat, and things like straps, padding, or buckles might be broken. In other situations, no visible damage can be seen. Even so, it is still recommended to replace the car seat just to be safe. If you have full coverage car insurance, and the accident was covered by your insurance provider, the insurance company should cover your car seat replacement insurance claim.

How To Make A Car Seat Insurance Claim After An Accident

There are multiple ways to make an insurance claim after an accident occurs. If the other driver was at fault for the accident it is likely you will file a claim through the other driver's insurance provider. The claim will include damages to your vehicle, as well as personal injury expenses and additional costs. This should include the full cost of replacing your car seat.

In some states, called no-fault states, your own insurance company is responsible for placing the car seat regardless of who is at fault in the accident. The claim will be filed through your comprehensive insurance coverage. People who only have basic liability insurance coverage might not be able to make a claim for their car seat. Make sure to keep receipts documenting the cost of replacing your car seat in case you need it. Your auto insurance provider will need a copy of this documentation to pay out on your claim.

What Happens If The Insurance Company Denies Your Car Seat Replacement Claim?

Sometimes car insurance providers will claim that your car seat has not been damaged and that it is fine to use again, even after you have been in an accident. Make sure to show the insurance company the user manual for your car seat. Most every car seat manufacturer states that a car seat cannot be used after a car accident of any type and needs to be replaced. Also, keep in mind that some car insurance companies have exclusions regarding car seats listed in their policy, such as not replacing car seats unless the child was in it at the time of the accident. Unfortunately, there are often not ways to get around this exclusion, as it is stated in your policy.

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