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Privacy Policy

One of our company’s primary concern is information security. We are very particular about how information is collected, used and disclosed. This Privacy Security Policy describes all the practices used with the information collected from the site. By using our website and services, you agree to the terms and conditions disclosed in this Privacy Security Policy.

Personal Information

This website collects a wide range of personal information. This includes personally identifiable details. Personal information collected can be name, address, contact number, email, credit/debit card number, SSN and driver’s license number. One of the three credit bureaus can be reached to gather your credit score or report. Information like your medical history, date of birth, marital status, insurance coverage types, and education level may be collected. All these details will be treated like personal information.

Use of Personal Information

All collected information can be used in the following ways:

  1. The details can be used to connect with 3rd party vendors, who offer products and services.
  2. By submitted your personal details, you are raising an “inquiry” with our company and affiliated entities. Our employees and connected service providers may contact you via email, phone or in person.
  3. Personal information can be used to send newsletters. These newsletters can be used to gather information, respond to inquiries and satisfy requests.
  4. Personal information can be used to send information regarding the website or service providers. If there are any changes in the terms and conditions, they will be communicated.
  5. Information is gathered to personalize your experience on our website. All products, services, and deals will be personalized to suit your requirements.
  6. Personal information will be used to increase your visibility during events, promotional activities, and sweepstakes. These events are bound to have more rules and regulations. The rules and regulations of each individual event should be understood carefully.

Disclosing Personal Information

All personal information will be shared with 3rd party service providers and vendors only in the following ways:

  1. Personal information will be disclosed in ways described in the Privacy Security Policy. The company is partly responsible for the joint use of information.
  2. The company shares information with services that are responsible for order fulfillment, payment processing, information verification, infrastructure provision, auditing services, email delivery assistance and IT services. Only these service providers are authorized to use the personal information provided by our company.
  3. Any third party credit bureau that can be used to obtain credit scores and reports.
  4. When you request for information from service providers, your personal information may be shared to obtain their products and services.
  5. If you provide testimonials on the website, your personal information will be posted on the page. However, you should give the website proper permissions.
  6. Third party organizations that engage in joint ventures, transfer of businesses, reorganization and sales may be provided with your information.

Whenever your personal information is appropriate or necessary:

  • Under laws of residence or country.
  • Under legal processes.
  • In response to government or public requests.
  • As an enforcement to the company’s terms and conditions.
  • As a part of protecting the company’s operations.
  • As a part of protecting the company’s properties, privacy, rights, and safety.
  • As a part of limiting damages and finding remedies.

Automated Information Collection Systems

Our company engages in different forms of automated information collection. Different types of information can be collected automatically. This includes information like your OS version, type of computer, MAC Address, internet browser, history, and screen resolution. Personal information can be aggregated to identify another website. Such aggregation may result in loss of personal identity. Instead, the details collected can be used to verify other information. Service vendors may collect information through web beacons, cookies, pixel tags and other kinds of technologies too. These details will be used to administer the site, analyze the site’s performance, investigate on recent trends, track movements around the site and also gather demographic content. The company may store and use cookies to identify personal details submitted on the website. If you are not happy with the use of cookies, you can disable or decline the use of cookies through your website.

Third Party Vendors and Websites

This Privacy Security Policy doesn’t handle third party vendors and websites. This policy is not responsible for defining privacy policies for third party vendors and websites. All information, practices, and regulations of third-party websites will be linked to the respective site. The inclusion of links to other websites doesn’t imply endorsement or affiliation. All personal details submitted in the third party websites will not be governed by the Privacy Security Policies of this site.

This company works with many third party vendors. Partners or vendors are responsible for improving and operating the website. Third-party vendors may advertisement on this site. However, these advertisements are not governed or controlled by our Privacy Security Policy. The third party vendors have their very own Privacy Security Policies.

Access to Personal Information and Your Choice to disclose

This site gives users the freedom to disclose their personal information. All information given from your end is based on your personal choice. You have the right to decide if information should be disclosed or not. You can opt-out from the website at any time. You can opt-out from our electronic communications. You can opt-out from our third party vendors too. If you are not interested in sharing your information for marketing purposes, you may opt out from the same too.


All information in this site is meant for adults. This site doesn’t cater to the needs of children below 13 years of age. If you are below 13 years of age, you should not enter details on this site. Adults must not represent children below 13 years of age. All information of children below 13 years of age will be destroyed.


This Privacy Security Policy is open to changes. Changes may happen without prior notice.

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