Why People Love Working At Cheap Auto Insurance

There is something special about protecting people, and one of the best ways to do that is by helping them out financially. At Cheap Auto Insurance, the team gets people excellent rates on the best insurance policies for their needs. Choose to work at a company that focuses on diversity and has career opportunities that come from an expanding business that does great things. Cheap Auto Insurance is always looking for talented and driven people.

If you are looking for a job that helps people, apply here today. Check back often for new openings as the company expands and bring your talents to a top insurance website today.

Start Your Career With Cheap Auto Insurance

Starting a career at Cheap Auto Insurance gives new opportunities and many perks. In addition to ample time off, the benefits are fantastic. With an application process that is streamlined and simple, apply today.

The diverse staff at Cheap Auto Insurance is welcoming people of all experience levels. Applicants should be self-motivated and looking for a supportive workplace. No matter if you are an experienced professional or college graduate, there are positions coming. The ability to climb the ladder of success within the company is one of many reasons the team here is so successful. Be a part of it all by helping us help people save money on car insurance premiums. Auto insurance is the law, but it is also a Godsend for many people.

Cheap Auto Insurance is a company that is not only there for the people looking for potentially life-altering insurance plans, but also the incredible team behind it all. Get ready to start your career at CAI and make a difference.

Work With Us

Employees love working for a company where their role is a big part of the success a company has. Cheap Auto Insurance prides itself on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The happiness of employees is a crucial way Cheap Auto Insurance keeps productivity high and job satisfaction excellent.

Cheap Auto Insurance has a team that cares, so if you are passionate about insurance, this is a top choice. The management is trained to listen, because everyone can have fantastic ideas that can be implemented. For a career that is yours, as well as being a team effort, Cheap Auto Insurance awaits your application.

Positions at the company include insurance market analysts, content manager, web developers, as well as others. Your health and well-being are essential, and Cheap Auto Insurance provides the educational opportunities and retirement opportunities that you desire.


Insurance Market Analyst

Position: Insurance Market Analyst

Payment: will be as agreed by the parties

The ideal candidate for this position has experience in market analysis and predictive patterns. Skill in team projects is a requirement of the position, as well as a bachelor’s degree.

Take your knowledge of market patterns to stay up to date on the newest car insurance laws being introduced, as well as how changes in the major insurance provider policies may affect other companies, pricings, and offerings. Communicate this information across multiple departments for use with our content team, marketing team, and management.

This position is a full-time position and requires candidates to be organized and comfortable working with Microsoft Office and complex mathematical formulas.

Content Manager

Position: Content Manager

Payment: will be as agreed by the parties

As a content manager at Cheap Auto Insurance, the ideal candidate will have at least two years in social media management and/or SEO content writing. In addition, experience with auto insurance related businesses is beneficial. Content managers at Cheap Auto Insurance are responsible for getting the word out about the website, offerings of the company, and increasing engagement and sales.

Attention to detail is of utmost importance, and the best candidate will be a team player and excellent communicator. Limited amounts of graphic design may be required. This position is a full-time position with benefits.

Web Developer

Position: Web Developer

Payment: will be will be as agreed by the parties

Car insurance changes often, so Cheap Auto Insurance is continually adding new content and updating its website. As the company expands, the Web Developer will update the site and continue to improve how customers navigate and utilize the site.

Cheap Auto Insurance has a focus on SEO. The ideal candidate will have experience in web development, as well as SEO knowledge. This position will work closely with the content managers at Cheap Auto Insurance to create a website that provides accurate information and a positively reviewed experience on the site.

This position is a full-time position with the company, and working from the CAI office is required.

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