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Differences between a motorcycle and car insurance

Whether you prefer a motorcycle or car as your primary source of transportation, you’ll need to get auto insurance coverage or a motorcycle insurance plan. While these types of insurance policies often cover the same things, your car insurance plan will not likely cover your motorcycle. The reverse of this is also true, with a motorcycle insurance policy not likely to cover your vehicle if it is a car, van, truck, or boat. Every year, there are over 30,000 motor vehicle deaths in the United States. These numbers are according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than one out of every nine of these deaths are related to motorcycles. Drivers of both motorcycles and automobiles need to be aware of driving in relation to each other. In addition, these statistics are good reasons to both know the differences between car and motorcycle insurance and getting an insurance policy that adequately covers your particular needs and situations. Due to the differences in these types of vehicles, insurance policies can differ quite a bit too. While they often cover similar things, there are numerous differences policyholders need to be aware of.

Differences Between Motorcycle And Car Insurance

An obvious difference between these two types of vehicles is that one of them has two wheels, and the other has four. Because of this, there are different mechanics for operating each. The type of driver’s licenses you need to drive these kinds of vehicles can also be different, with unique laws in each state. The type of insurance coverage you buy will specify the size of the vehicle, in addition to the number of wheels it has.

Each of these vehicles also allows for a different number of passengers. With most cars having seats for four, there are more passengers with a potential risk during trips and journeys. Insurance providers do not look at a motorcycle as a means of transportation for more than one person. Additional insurance will need to be purchased to cover anybody who rides on your motorcycle with you. That said, due to there being fewer passengers at risk, motorcycle insurance providers use a different formula to determine your rates.

In addition, there are extra accessories a person will need if they are a motorcycle driver. This includes protective clothing and a helmet. These items are insured as accessories, which means an add-on to your policy may be needed if you want coverage for them. A helmet is a necessary protective measure, and a large percentage of states around the country require all bikers to wear one while riding.

In addition, a motorcycle owner is more likely to have a personal injury policy. Motorcycles provide less physical protection in comparison to most other vehicles. If a motorcycle crash happens, bodily harm is almost always a part of the result. Cars, with a larger frame around the people inside, are at a lower statistical risk for bodily damage.

Motorcycle Insurance Add-ons

There are numerous types of insurance policies a person can add-on as a motorcycle owner. One of the most important ones, particularly for people who are planning to have another rider on their motorcycle at times, is Guest Passenger Liability coverage. This policy provides coverage to passengers in case they are injured during an accident. Also available is Comprehensive Coverage. There are numerous risks to a motorcycle, including fire, vandalism, theft, and more. These types of perils are not covered by a standard motorcycle insurance plan. The add-on can help people save thousands of dollars if any of the covered perils occurs. Another type of add-on motorcycle insurance policy people should consider what is called a “Lay Up” policy. Due to motorcycles being seasonal vehicles in many areas, this type of insurance add-on exists. A Lay Up Policy allows people to save money on car insurance by suspending it during long periods when it is not being used. Depending on the types of insurance plans you have, you may need to have your vehicle in a secure storage unit like a garage that locks.

Final Notes

The same companies that provide car insurance plans also provide policies for motorcycles in most cases. People can save money by purchasing their motorcycle policy and their auto policy under the same company. This is called bundling insurance policies and can provide a discount to people who purchase both. In addition, there are other discounts that are available for both car insurance plans and motorcycle insurance policies. One of the top ways to save money on automobile insurance, as well as motorcycle insurance, is to comparison-shop. Different companies use different formulas to determine premiums, and some companies have higher rates for motorcycle insurance. The cost differences from one company to the next can be significant. This is why the website here has provided free quote tools from numerous companies in your area. Use these tools to find the top rates for motorcycle insurance available in your area now. Check back every year or two and get more free quotes on motorcycle insurance to see if you can save even more.

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