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CheapAutoInsurance.com has been created a couple of years ago with the purpose of providing a simple, yet effective platform for finding the best and the cheapest auto insurance policies in the United States directly from your computer.

Has CheapAutoInsurance.com reached its purpose? Judging from the thousands of satisfied customers and their testimonials, along with the position our service has managed to acquire on the market, we can say that it is a total success and a proof that you just need an idea to believe in and a dedicated staff to transform it into a huge project.

The idea behind the CheapAutoInsurance.com project was simple, offering Internet users the chance of finding the best and the cheapest insurance quotes and rates from the most important insurance companies in the United States and allow them to make a simple comparison that will make it easier to take a decision.

However, we believe that the success CheapAutoInsurance.com recorded in the last several years creates a commitment to permanently work on expanding and improving our services. We have reached a leading position in the market and have established a client base that is used with the best possible services, so our intentions are to focus on improving them in the future and maintain the same top quality that you have been used to.

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Barbara Lucier

Product Manager

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Account Manager

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Data Analyst

Matthew Wilson

Content Manager

Rene Lingerfelt

Software Engineer

Michael Seekens

Car Insurance Expert

Robert Konrad

Car Insurance Expert

Corina Swessinger

Car Insurance Expert

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