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What is High Risk Auto Insurance?

What is High-Risk Auto Insurance?

High-risk auto insurance relates to an insurance category retained for drivers having past driving violations, poor credit, or inexperience behind the wheel. In case of meeting such criteria, the insurance companies view it as a high-risk auto driver, and thus the premiums are charged higher as high-risk auto insurance. However, there is a little ray of hope as some insurance companies who are also one of the reputable carriers do insure drivers with high risk.

High Risk Car Insurance Cost

State Average Speeding Violation DUI + Accident Young Driver
Alabama $858 $1,290 $2,564 $4,692
Alaska $1,248 $1,368 $2,598 $3,144
Arizona $1,215 $1,608 $3,513 $4,468
Arkansas $1,107 $1,164 $2,968 $6,792
California $1,830 $3,060 $7,794 $6,177
Colorado $1,512 $1,908 $3,060 $4,792
Connecticut $1,842 $2,140 $6,704 $7,964
Delaware $1,863 $3,450 $6,156 $8,716
Florida $1,576 $2,424 $3,384 $4,278
Georgia $1,662 $2,136 $3,246 $4,732
Hawaii $864 $1,092 $3,186 $900
Idaho $852 $1,038 $1,568 $3,309
Illinois $1,320 $2,784 $2,004 $6,279
Indiana $1,068 $1,134 $1,584 $3,330
Iowa $795 $1,446 $1,608 $4,248
Kansas $1,016 $1,188 $3,780 $4,680
Kentucky $1,560 $2,860 $4,084 $9,807
Louisiana $2,104 $3,588 $5,934 $11,176
Maine $584 $828 $1,692 $3,188
Maryland $1,440 $2,193 $3,561 $9,252
Massachusetts $1,252 $1,736 $3,606 $4,076
Michigan $2,766 $4,092 $6,032 $11,271
Minnesota $975 $1,568 $1,851 $3,366
Mississippi $1,284 $1,326 $2,100 $3,978
Missouri $1,124 $1,260 $1,708 $3,784
Montana $1,256 $1,428 $1,952 $4,656
Nebraska $1,113 $1,020 $2,382 $3,927
Nevada $1,848 $2,252 $3,380 $7,208
New Hampshire $1,320 $1,760 $2,020 $4,335
New Jersey $2,416 $4,452 $6,576 $9,048
New Mexico $1,508 $1,532 $3,744 $5,504
New York $1,812 $2,544 $5,532 $6,216
North Carolina $822 $1,260 $2,703 $1,953
North Dakota $1,396 $1,856 $3,360 $5,244
Ohio $824 $856 $1,848 $3,352
Oklahoma $1,908 $2,120 $3,876 $7,464
Oregon $1,396 $2,133 $1,380 $5,024
Pennsylvania $1,819 $2,028 $3,436 $10,208
Rhode Island $2,051 $2,190 $3,492 $8,000
South Carolina $768 $816 $1,704 $2,752
South Dakota $1,002 $1,122 $1,842 $4,320
Tennessee $1,244 $1,304 $3,988 $4,092
Texas $1,230 $1,242 $2,298 $4,068
Utah $1,041 $1,056 $2,607 $4,827
Vermont $993 $1,060 $1,764 $3,432
Virginia $1,074 $1,161 $2,460 $3,471
Washington $1,328 $916 $2,120 $6,000
West Virginia $1,420 $1,568 $2,952 $6,088
Wisconsin $1,545 $2,064 $3,600 $7,227
Wyoming $940 $966 $2,016 $3,738

What Determines If You Are a High-Risk Driver?

Determining a high-risk driver is based on past experiences and getting car insurance for bad drivers is a bit challenging. However, here are few points determining a high-risk driver:

DUI offense

A driver convicted of DUI (driving under the influence) offense indicates the premium will go high. On getting back the license, the driver must carry DUI insurance or he will be referred to SR22 and this is the highest risk that a car insurance company offers as coverage and will have to be the file in the state. The SR22 with DMC is required after the DUI incident for nearly 5 years. The states will vary regarding the DUI length, but the insurance companies will be ready to charge high car insurance for high-risk drivers. This will be high if your DUI is on record.

Lapse in insurance coverage

Insurance must be paid regularly and if you have dropped paying, then the next premium is certainly going to be higher. The best part is that you have an option and that is to prove you are a responsible driver to the insurance company. If you do so, the premiums will drop to normal rates and can be cheap car insurance for high-risk drivers, who missed paying the insurance charges. The bad news is it will take nearly 6 months or more for the premiums to decrease.

Young driver

Students are termed as young drivers and they also are viewed as high risk. The youth drivers are at high risk of auto accidents and so their premiums are adjusted accordingly by the insurance carriers.

First-time driver

Drivers newly licensed are also in the category of high insurance rates and this is regardless of age. The rates are higher than the seasoned drivers. There is one way to make this affordable car insurance for high-risk drivers and that can be done by adding someone with experience to the existing policy. This is a shortcut offering you lower premiums.

Poor credit

People with a poor credit history are deemed as high-risk drivers. Insurance companies place bets on millions as insurance policies and the risk is less on insuring responsible people. This is ascertained by checking the credit history and your responsibility level. Fortunately, some insurance carriers do car insurance for drivers with bad driving records or even with poor credit history as they do not do credit checks. However, there is a need to be diligent in finding one such carrier.

Other driving violations

Any serious driving violation results in jeopardizing your insurance premiums and thus finding cheap car insurance for high-risk drivers is difficult. The other driving violations include road rage, hit and run or excessive speed. These violations are felonies resulting in landing behind bars that auto insurance for high-risk drivers is not easy, but not impossible.

Things To Remember When Looking For High-Risk Auto Insurance

Compare providers

It is recommended to get quotes online for auto insurance quotes for high-risk drivers from as many as you can. Fortunately, the internet allows applying for quotes and comparing them, before choosing one from the convenience of your home.

  • Gainsco Insurance.
  • Victoria Insurance.
  • The General.
  • Infinity Insurance.
  • Safe Auto Insurance.
  • Titan Insurance.
  • Dairyland Insurance.
  • Affirmative Insurance.
  • Alliance United Insurance.
  • United Automobile Insurance.
  • Access Auto Insurance.
  • Bristol West Insurance.

Termed as a high-risk driver is for sometime

Insurance companies may consider you a high-risk today, but once the status changes and you prove to be responsible, you can get increased premiums for a longer period. On the other hand, the same can be cheap auto insurance for high-risk drivers once and result in paying lower rates.

There are steps you can take to lower your rate

Waiting for cheap car insurance for bad drivers may not happen. Instead, improve the credit score, take driving classes, students get good grades, and so on. The insurance companies need evidence of your responsibility, ensure that and you are ready.

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