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DUI Insurance

DUI refers to driving under the influence while intoxicated or impaired. This is an offense or crime of operating or driving an automobile while the driver is impaired by drugs or alcohol. The level renders that the driver is incapable of motor vehicle safety and may cause accidents. However, there are ways to get DUI insurance and to stay safe.

How to get cheap DUI insurance

DUI insurance turns to be expensive as you are convicted, so there is a need to compare different quotes of auto insurance from multiple carriers so that you evaluate different companies offering DUI rates.

Many companies provide DUI car insurance rates. The DUI rates vary based on many factors; this includes the state you live in. There is no best company with respect to DUI. Getting insurance after DUI is a threat to the insurance companies as you may cause harm to others and yourself while on DUI. Here are few ways to get cheap DUI insurance:

  • Increase Your Deductible: On getting car insurance, choose a deductible to pay if you are in an accident. Deductibles may vary but the higher your deductible is, the you pay lesser for auto insurance. The monthly insurance premiums actually are lower than premiums with a lower deductible.
  • Buy Insurance from an Independent Agent: There are different insurance providers. Independent insurance agents work with many insurance companies and help their clients in choosing the auto insurance coverage suitable to their needs and try to avail the lowest available price. In case you have a DUI, contact an independent agent to check for better rates, and this you can do by getting quotes from different insurance providers.
  • Get Multi-Policy: There is a need to insure the personal property. It helps as you experience risks of repair, damage, or replacement. Having multiple insurance types helps to bundle your policies and help in monthly payments. Coupling boat insurance, home insurance, and other insurances existing with auto insurance assists in decreasing the costs.
  • No repeats: Driving your car brings to face potential risks. It really is a must to get coverage and the extras help. Instead of making insurance payments with trouble, reduce the coverage. As you get a DUI, most people do not quit driving. However, car insurance increases substantially. Thus, remember the consequences and avoiding the same mistake of DUI.


The cost of car insurance with DUI may be higher, ranging from the average premium increase of 12% to 321%, and this is based on your state. The car insurance average cost with a DUI is $2,143. You must be aware of the rate in your state and know the DUI rates.

The increase in insurance cost is mainly due to the risk you pose. This is applicable for DUIs, but also for other infractions and violations that place drivers in the high-risk auto insurance category.

CompanyWithout DUIWith DUIPercent Difference
State Farm $1,616 $1,960 31.3%
Allstate $2,388 $3,198 33.9%
Nationwide $3,072 $4,516 47.0%

Non-owner SR-22 insurance

This is a great way to availing of cheap car insurance after DUI. It demands you to file an SR-22 and does not own a vehicle. The price reduction is because you do not have regular access to a vehicle and there is only liability insurance coverage. This is cheap as it covers the property damage or injuries only that are caused in an at-fault accident.

How long does a DUI affect insurance?

The guidelines of an insurance company are governed by the laws of the state and they dictate the rates to be affected by DUI conviction. A DUI with major or minor convictions, raise for at least three years the car insurance rates.

In case s the offense on your record is maintained by the state over three years, it is common that it will again affect the rates of car insurance. Thus it may take nearly five to seven years and more.

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