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Washington, D.C Car Insurance

In case of bad driving records, the drivers may find it difficult to get the insurance quotes in the District of Columbia. As the insurance coverage recommendations vary from state to state in the USA, it will be crucial to know about the minimum coverage amount of the car insurance if you want to drive your car within District of Columbia. Do you want to find out the best car insurance Washington DC?

Average Rates

Because of dense population in Washington DC and the high number of vehicles present in the city, there is always a chance of more accidents. This is why the average premium for a driver at the age of thirty in Washington DC will be $2074. Now, the quote may also vary because of the coverage you are going to take and some of the other circumstances. You need to compare the quotes of the various car insurance companies to get the cheapest quotes.

District of Columbia Car Insurance Rates by ZIP Code & City
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Car Insurance requirements in District of Columbia

In case of the personal vehicles a driver will need the insurance coverage for the below-mentioned requirements:

  • Property Damage.
  • Bodily Injury.

Along with that two other car insurance coverage are required to take the drivers.

  • Bodily Injury for the Uninsured Motorist.
  • Property Damage insurance coverage for the uninsured.
  • In case of the bodily injury, the insurance coverage should be $25000 for each person in case of each accident.
  • In case of property damage the coverage will be $50000 and along with that $200 will be deductible.
  • In case of bodily injury per accident, the minimum coverage amount will be $50000.
  • For the property damage of the uninsured motorist, the coverage will be $5000in case of each accident.

Laws in District of Columbia

The laws regarding the auto insurance in Washington DC is extremely strict for the drivers who have a bad driving record. So, as a driver, if you have experience of a few accidents in the past you may face real difficulty to get the car insurance quotes from the various car insurance companies in Washington DC. It will be a risk for the car insurance company actually to provide you with the insurance coverage. As per the age of the driver and his or her driving record, the laws can differ.

However, one thing can be said for sure that auto insurance dc has surely helped the drivers in Washington DC to drive their car without much risk in the city of Washington. If you know about the proper requirements of the insurance coverage, you will also be able to take the cheapest auto insurance quotes from the car insurance companies in Washington DC.

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