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Decide how much liability coverage is enough for similar type of drivers.

What is non-standard auto insurance?

Non-standard auto insurance is a term classifying the insurance sold to drivers having risk factors that make it impossible or difficult to acquire insurance at preferred or standard rates. Some companies do work in the non-standard auto insurance business, though others file rates that are non-standard tiered, standard, and preferred tiers.

Here are the reasons to be in the non-standard auto insurance tier:

  • High-risk driver: The insurance companies label you as a high-risk driver due to claims, violations, multiple accidents, or even due to the combination of all three.
  • Salvage title: Owning a car featuring a salvage title means you do not pay more for auto insurance, but for various reasons are denied comprehensive insurance.
  • Non-owner car insurance: If you wish to insure without owning a car as a driver, you require non-owner car insurance. Normally, insurance companies charge less for a non-owner policy.
  • SR-22: If you carry an SR-22 it means you had a conviction, for reckless driving or DUI. Most insurers file the form with the state to prove coverage. You also need to pay a filing fee one-time, typically around $35, above the premium.

Even young drivers' car insurance may be regarded as non-standard car insurance, this is because the inexperienced, young drivers policies are often expensive, and this is the reason many teens join the policies of their parents instead of one of their own.

Drivers failing to meet the standard of an insurance company end up with a non-standard insurer to acquire the auto insurance coverage required. Some drivers with high-value vehicles and little experience also find good rates from non-standard coverage offering insurance companies.

There is no compulsion to be a non-standard driver if you wish to buy insurance from some non-standard insurance company. There are prominent insurance companies owning non-standard insurance companies and are specialty insurers offering competitive prices and also are ready to offer through their agents the non-standard policies that you need.

As with other car insurance types, there may be large variations in the price factor as you consider shopping for non-standard insurance. If you maintain a good driving record without claims you can easily stay within the standard car insurance market and acquire better insurance premiums. This will be the regular charges.

Generally, a nonstandard driver has one of the following:

  • DUI conviction.
  • Bad credit.
  • Little driving experience.
  • Lapsed coverage.
  • Exotic vehicle.
  • Moving violations or multiple accidents.

Elderly drivers or immigrants lacking U.S. driving record and people looking for minimum auto insurance coverage are considered high risk. In case you are termed as a nonstandard driver, getting best rates on car insurance is difficult.

Tips for buying non-standard auto insurance:

Acquire many car insurance quotes

It is wise to compare different car insurance companies, even if it means you are shopping for non-standard car insurance. However, knowing non-standard auto insurance definition clearly is mandatory.

Compare the different quotes of car insurance offering the same coverage

It is helpful as you shop for policies mirroring one another. This means you must compare quotes for the same coverage that you receive from different insurance companies.

Consider the assigned risk pool of your state

If you are unable to get anyone to insure, some states feature an assigned risk pool. In such cases, the insurers are given uninsurable customers and maximum rates are fixed by the state.

Watch out for limitations and exclusions

Some insurance companies have restrictions on your policy. There may be step-down liability restricting the permissive drivers. Normally the liability coverage covers in full the people you permit to use occasionally your car. With step-down provisions, the limits of liability drop to the minimum requirements of the state for permissive drivers, regardless of you buying the higher limits even for yourself.

Shop at renewal time for quotes

There are all possibilities that your credit show improvement and the violations are dropped from your record. There are chances you have a clean driving record maintained now and this means you can get back into the driver rates standard tier. Thus, it is mandatory to check as you are ready to renew your policy and get new quotes from insurance companies so that you can find a nice bargain deal.

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