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How Can Get a Driver's License in California?

A drive through the Californian roads is ought to be exciting and enjoyable. However, before you can roll the wheels on the road, you require achieving the learner's permit and the driving license. But, this will require you to go through some steps. Here is your guide in that regard.

You will require undergoing a course for State Driving License

If you are yet to attain the age of 17 & ½ years, you will require going through a course to earn the learner permit and the driving license. Once you complete this course from an authorized institute, you will be getting a certificate for the completion of the course and you will require carrying this certificate to the DMV.

To have car insurance in California is as important as having a driver's license. So be careful that you are not fined.

You must acquire knowledge of the training options on Behind-the-wheel

If you are over 15 ½ years, but you have not crossed the age of 17 & ½ years, you will require completing a driver training module for getting the license. While appearing to the DMV, you will require producing a certificate for the completion of the driver training module. Alternatively, you will have to produce a certificate for enrollment to training programs for drivers.

You will be getting the Learners Permit at DMV

In this test, you will require producing a certificate, certifying that you have completed the driver training module and you will have to successfully quality through a written test on Traffic Signs and laws. In addition, you must pass a vision test and you will require paying the requisite fees for appearing in this examination.

California DMV Road Signs Permit Practice Test - https://driving-tests.org/california/ca-road-signs-practice-test/

In this regard, remember, you will require producing the DL 44 Form and this form is not issued online. You have to visit the DMV in person, or you can get it through the mail. You will require producing documents like your US birth certificate, Blood Group testing report, Naturalization Certificate, Social Security Number, Permanent Resident card as well as the Passport, for citizens of other countries and a valid Border Crossing Card from Mexico.

You will have to complete a training course Behind-the-wheel

You must complete a training program of at least 6 hours that will entitle the right to practice with your own car or cards, owned by your parents.

Practice makes a man perfect

As per the official norms for getting a driving license in California, you will require completing at least 50 hours of practice, under the aegis of your parents. Out of this 50 hours of practice time, you must undergo 10 hours, practicing driving at night. Once successfully complete the online driver education course, you will require waiting for 6 months before you can apply for the State Drivers License.

You will have to apply for the Driver License

You must have attained the minimum age of 16 years for applying for the First Time Driver License. In addition, you must hold your permit for a minimum span of 6 months.

Completing these steps, you will be getting your First Time Driver License that will empower you to enjoy the excitement of driving through the stunning roads in California.

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