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An overview of the various types of roads in California

California, one of the most popular and sought-after cities in the United States for the living, boast of having an excellent framework of roadways of various types. This robust network connects California with its surrounding areas. This network includes:

  • Freeways.
  • Highways.
  • Expressways & Parkways.
  • Urban and Suburban roads.

In addition, across California, there are various toll roads as well. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss the various roads in California.

Major types of roads in California


The freeways are gigantic, multi-lane roads with limited access, as observed with the Motorways in the UK and the Autobahns in Germany. However, compared with the German or British freeways, the Californian freeways feature more entrance and exit points, appearing more frequently in the urban areas. Pedestrians as well drivers, driving Bicycles, and Mopeds are not allowed to enter the freeways. However, exemptions are given in rural areas, if the freeway is the only connectivity in the region.

Of many roads in California, a beautiful view. Therefore, be careful not to look at the beautiful places that may be causing the accident. If you have a good driver's history, the insurance companies will make you a good discount. Read more to learn about California car insurance, laws, and programs on our site.

One of the key features of the Freeways is that you will not notice any usual street signs like Stop lights, Stop Signs, Traffic signals and other signage on these roads. Cross Traffic is completely prohibited and you are allowed to halt or park the vehicle on the shoulders, only for exigent reasons. As for the speed limit, it ranges betwee5 & 65 Miles per hour, along with the urban areas and for the rural freeways; it goes to the extent of 70 Miles/Hour.

The Freeways are categorized into Federal Roads, the Interstate Roads as well as the State Highways. The same set of driving rules applies to all these categories of Freeways. Even all the freeways in California feature the same look. In instances, of change between these roads, you will be getting some Road signage to intimate you about such changes.

Most Congested Freeways in California

Route County Vehicle Hours of Delay
5 Los Angeles 6,581,609
405 Los Angeles 5,722,148
101 Los Angeles 4,516,141
60 Los Angeles 4,440,585
5 Orange 3,346,209
10 Los Angeles 3,294,890
210 Los Angeles 3,152,598
405 Orange 3,119,284
580 Alameda 2,648,174
80 Alameda 2,520,715
Source: California Department of Transportation.

If the Freeway stretches for longer lengths, you will be getting restrooms as well as space for walking your dog or to eat. In some instances, you will be getting vans and vending machines that serve snacks and other utility products. However, you will not get any point to refill the gas in your car or a permanent structure, serving snacks and other products.

You will often come across various markers that narrate the significance of the surrounding places and reading these descriptions, you can enhance your knowledge on the various aspects of the place. The California. Highway Patrol handles the Patrolling on these freeways and monitors the cases of traffic violations as well as the road accidents and car breakdowns.


The Highways are majorly the large roads in the rural regions and it resembles the “A” roads in the UK. These roads are classified as the Federal, State and the County Highways, coming in various sizes and shapes. The speed limits on these roads vary on a case to case basis.

North-south highway corridors:

  • Interstate 5.
  • U.S. Highway 101.
  • U.S. Highway 99.
  • State Route 1.
  • Interstate 15/U.S. Highway 395.

East-west highway corridors:

  • Interstate 8.
  • Interstate 10.
  • Interstate 40.
  • Interstate 80.
  • U.S. Highway 50.

Parkways & Expressways

In the majority cases, these are the suburban and urban highways that usually feature a Multilane and semi-divided design. On these roads, you will be getting the Stop Lights and it allows the Cross Traffic as well. However, the speed limits on this road are higher than the extent, permitted on the Suburban roads in its surrounding.

Urban & Suburban Roads

These roads are the usual roads in the cities and the suburban areas. As for the speed limit, it usually sticks to the extent of 25 Miles Per Hour, though it can go to the extent of 30 or 35 Miles Per hour. However, to some extent, it can go to the extent of 15 Miles Per hour.

Toll Roads

In addition to the types of the roads stated above, you will be getting several toll roads. These are the roads, wherein you can drive on payment of a specific amount. The amount of the toll will vary from one road to another and depending on the type of the vehicle you are driving. One thing to keep in mind is that these roads are timely closed for maintenance and prior to such instances, alerts are served to the public.

Toll Roads California Map with price - https://www.sixt.co.uk/toll-roads/usa/california/

These roads connect California with the surrounding areas, making it easier for the California residents to establish easy connectivity with those areas. The road and traffic conditions are ideal to give you a nice driving experience.

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