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Car Insurance For Auto Body Repairs

The modernization of the manufacturing technologies have made the cars in contemporary times, much efficient, safer, lightweight as well as more fuel-efficient. However, it is due to the complex manufacturing techniques that pave the way for the expenses for the repairs of the modern cars. In instances, you require repairing the bumpers of your vehicle or its windscreen, or you require restoring some of the damages to the rear side of the car or suspension damage, you are vulnerable to expenses between USD 50 & 1500, depending on the actual nature and the extent of the damage.

Dented bumper

How much does it cost to fix a bumper?

One of the most common types of repairing needs for the vehicles is that of the dented bumpers. You can come across such repairing needs at any point of time and in those instances, be ready to incur expenses of around USD 500 for repairing the bumper or it can go to the extent of USD 900 to 1000 if you require replacing the dented bumper completely. Fortunately, if the damage is to the minimum extent, it is possible to repair those damages yourself, using some common and simple tools.

Fortunately, you can mitigate these expenses, having suitable insurance coverage. The collision insurance will cover these expenses. However, you should only make the claim, considering the deductible.

Deep paint scratches

How much does it cost to repair extensive paint damage?

This is yet another most common types of repairing needs and if the damage is to the highest extent, be ready to pay around USD 1500 for availing the professional repairing services. However, if you see the damage is to the nominal extent, you can fix the issues yourself, incurring some bare minimum expenses and putting the minimum effort.

If you are having the comprehensive insurance coverage, it will cover your expenses in this regard. This is an optional coverage, but, you will certainly do it wisely to take this protection, incurring some minimum expenses. The amount of compensation receivable in this head is subjected to the deduction of the deductible, as decided by you at the time of taking the policy.

Cracked windshield

How much does it cost to fix a cracked windshield?

The expenses in this regard can be anything between USD 50 and 300, depending on the extent and type of the damage. But, if you have the skill and time to repair it yourself, you can certainly opt to do so.

Your comprehensive coverage will take care of these expenses. The highest benefits are arrived by the residents of South Carolina, Kentucky, and Florida as these policyholders will not even require paying for the deductible in these instances. The insurance laws in these states require the insurer to replace or repair the damaged windshields, for free. This covers the instances of damages due to the Acts of Gods as well as acts of vandalism on your car.

Suspension damage

How much does it cost to fix pothole damage?

It will not be the slightest of the overstatement, it stated that it is the most common type of damage and it involves the threats of extravagant expenses for repairing these damages. The irony is that these damages can appear, even if you are driving safely and all of a sudden, your car falls into a depression on the road which is almost impossible to notice beforehand.

The probable expenses for repairing these damages can go to the extent of USD 5000, depending on the nature and the extent of the damage, the make, and model of the car. So far the attempts to repair these damages yourself, you are definitely going to find it difficult, unless you are a motor mechanic yourself. Hence, calling for professional repairing services turns inevitable in these instances.

You are somehow spared, should you have the collision repair coverage that will compensate your expenses for repairing these damages. Alternatively, you can raise a compensation claim against the local authority, for not maintain the roads in the ideal conditions.

Rear end damage

How much does it cost to repair rear end damage?

This is yet another costly category for repairing the cars and on that, you stand chances for catching injuries on your body that will escalate the expenses for medical reasons. In these instances, you can end up paying more than USD 10000 for repairing the car and some equal amount of money for paying the medical bills.

Reparing these damages are very tough unless you have exceptional repairing skills. Hence, if you come across these damages, incurring high expenses might turn inevitable.

As in cases of these accidents, you are at no fault, you will be liable to receive compensation from the party at fault. You can take the coverage on the underinsured and uninsured motorist to escape the challenges if the accident has got the participation of such drivers.

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