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Crazy Driving Laws

Are you aware of the fact that driving laws in some cities across the globe really funny and crazy? For instance, across the US, there are various states that have framed such unique driving regulations that require lots of brainstorming to understand such rules and the purpose of incorporating such regulations. However, if you are driving on the roads of the concerned state, no matter what funny the rules seems to be, you have to comply with such regulations. Hence, it makes sense to discuss a few of such strange driving rules in the US states.

It is illegal to drive with the blindfold on while driving on the Alabama Roads

Alabama officials have declared that it will be a case of violation of driving rules, if someone drives, putting on a blindfold on the eyes. This will make the accused party to pay a specific amount as fine for such violation.

You cannot drive with a Gorilla sitting in the back seats

The authorities of Massachusetts have been probably the most imaginative and innovative, while drafting the driving rules as they have declared it to be the violation of driving rules, if a driver is caught with a gorilla sitting at the back seat, during the course of the drive. Truly Incredible!!

Ensure that your engine is sufficiently filled if you want to escape the instances of driving law violation in Ohio

If you are driving across the congested areas of Youngstown in Ohio, never ever run out of gas, if you want to escape the instances of violation of driving rules. You will require paying a significant amount as fine for such violations.

Refrain from honking someone else's car horn in the University City, Missouri

Do you have the habit of honking the horns of other’s cars? Resist the temptation, if you are in the University City of Missouri as the local official has declared it as an instance of driving rule violation. You call it to be a strange law, you didn't have the alternative to comply with it if you don’t want to pay a fine for such violations.

You are not permitted to honk in front of the cold beverage stands or sandwich shops in Arkansas after 9 PM

If you don’t want to see yourself as a violator of driving rules while driving on the roads of Little Rocks in Arkansas, you should not honk in front of the Sandwich and chilled beverage shops, once it is past 9 PM.

Spitting out from a car or bus in the course of the journey can attract you fine for violating driving rules

If you are driving your car or boarding in the public buses in Marietta in Georgia, you should not spit out of the car. However, there are no such restrictions for the drivers of the trucks.

It is illegal to drive the camel on the highways of Nevada

As Nevada has a gigantic desert attached to it, several residents own their personal camels. However, they are not permitted to drive the camel on the highways. This rule seems to be logical as driving camels on the highways can be a trouble for the other car drivers.

You call the rules stated above to be awkward or odd, the authorities in the respective states are highly sensitive about protecting the regulations and deal with these instances with a zero-tolerance policy. Hence, if you are driving to other states, it will be wise to acquire knowledge of the driving rules about that state, before you start rolling the wheels of your car.

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