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Car Insurance in Wyoming

The People in Wyoming are thrill seekers, and the official sport that is carried out here is Rodeo. Many people risk their life playing adventure sports, but it is not at all a good idea to take risks on the road. It is very obligatory for that purpose to have Wyoming car insurance. An individual should make sure that the car insurance attained is a reliable one.

Average Rates

The car insurance Wyoming average annual premium is about $1,470, and the monthly auto insurance premiums mostly range from a smaller amount of $50- to more than 100 dollars. The payments for the average car insurance are mainly based on the place where you live, age and your driving history. It also depends on the number of drivers and cars in your household and the kind of car.

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Car Insurance Requirements in Wyoming

There are many car insurance companies in Wyoming, and the entire car owners in the state are required to meet up with certain financial responsibilities. These financial responsibilities are very useful as in the event of an accident or any damage to property these funds are of great use. The Insured drivers must carry at least the minimum insurance coverage level along with them. The insurance coverage levels that can be claimed for bodily injury is $25,000 per person, property damage $20,000 per accident and for uninsured motorists, it is $ 25,000 per person.

The state Wyoming functions under a financial responsibility policy. It is very obligatory that drivers should have a proof with them all the time to help them cover the damages in case of an accident. The best way to meet up with the requirements of financial responsibility is to purchase auto insurance Wyoming with following minimums bodily injury to others $25,000 per person and property damage liability $20,000 per accident. In order to protect themselves, there are people who even auto insurance coverage of higher amounts.

Laws in Wyoming

Variety of discounts can be gained by opting for car insurance in Wyoming, and that would help you save your money. The rates for the car insurance can be compared online and for registering your vehicle in Wyoming it is very necessary that you prove the financial responsibility for the damages in case of an accident. There are optional coverages also available like the Collision, Comprehensive, Medical Expense, Towing, and Rental Reimbursement. A fine up to $750 has to be paid if the proof of insurance is not shown at the time of accident along with 6 months jail. Source of Laws: http://www.dumblaws.com/laws/united-states/wyoming

Speed Limits in Wyoming

Rural Interstates

Cars (MPH) Trucks (MPH)
75; 80 on specified segements 75; 80 on specified segments

Urban Interstates

Cars (MPH) Trucks (MPH)
75; 80 on specified segments 75; 80 on specified segments

Other Limited Access Roads

Cars (MPH) Trucks (MPH)
65 65

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