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Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in Arkansas

Insurance is the best way to get these cars safe from certain activities like accidents, burn or theft. Auto insurance Arkansas provided the best deals and policies to secure the automobile from the many of the conditions. It brings many deals which often pleases the person to take their policy and make their vehicle assured with good coverage. The damages, theft and many such activities are covered by these insurance policies.

Average rates of car insurance in Arkansas

Rank City Annual Premium
1 Little Rock, AR $977
2 Pine Bluff, AR 871
3 Trumann, AR 789
4 Fayetteville, AR 746
5 Lake Village, AR 744

The premiums are based upon some of the points which often are related to the condition and model of the automobile.

  • The premium of auto insurance is categorized into monthly, quarterly and annually. The average premium is based upon the plan which the customers opt for the vehicle.
  • The model and brand of the car also affect the average premium. Big brands luxury cars need big plans for the cover. The normal brand vehicles can be insured with the cheapest car insurance in Arkansas.
  • The average car insurance generally starts from 250$ to maximum 550-600$. The plans with certain terms and conditions differ with the policies opted by the customers.
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Car insurance requirement in the Arkansas

To own a vehicle with complete covered policy is the prior basic need in Arkansas. Although Arkansas is the safe state, the vehicle with complete car insurance and policy gives the maximum first party benefit. These coverings are provided by many companies with maximum benefits and minimum premium plans in Arkansas. The car insurance generally covers the bodily injury of the vehicle and maximum damages due to unfavorable circumstances.

There are a number of companies providing the good shield cover to ensure the person’s car by a good insurance policy. The recommendation of any companies is completely based upon certain points:

  • Maximum benefits and cover the company is providing to the vehicle.
  • The premium structure and maximum discount the insurance company offer the customer.
  • The coverage time of the policy opted by the customer.

Compare average cost car insurance for drivers: man/woman, young/old

18yo Male 18yo Female 40yo Male / Female 65yo Male / Female
Little Rock, AR $1,607 $1,377 $466 $455
Pine Bluff, AR 1,427 1,227 421 409
Trumann, AR 1,291 1,119 384 362
Fayetteville, AR 1,207 1,056 365 354
Lake Village, AR 1,207 1,045 367 356

Laws of the Arkansas

The laws of the state also have the necessity to hold the proper policy with the other essential documents of the vehicle. The car insurance in Arkansas is one of the basic rules for the every card holder in the state.

This strong rule is followed by every person without failure which often helps them to deal with the unfavorable situations.

Speed Limits in Arkansas

Rural Interstates

Cars (MPH) Trucks (MPH)
70 (75 on specified limits) 70 (75 on specified limits)

Urban Interstates

Cars (MPH) Trucks (MPH)
60 (75 on specified limits) 60 (75 on specified limits)

Other Limited Access Roads

Cars (MPH) Trucks (MPH)
65 65

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