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Best Car Insurance Rates in San Francisco, CA

Are you a car owner from San Fransisco, looking to take a car insurance policy? If so, you need not worry as all the leading insurance companies are catering to this Californian city. Thus, you are going to find an inexhaustible option and hence, finding the most suitable policy would not be a big deal. Rather, it is more important to gather information on the driving conditions in the city, the average rates for the insurance premium as well the company, offering the most comprehensive policy, within the modest rates. Paragraphs underneath shall reveal the key points in that regard.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in San Francisco, California

Century National, Nationwide, and Grange are a few of the major names that are catering to this city. Comparison between the average rates on the insurance premium, quoted by these companies, reveals the fact that Century National charging is the modest rates on the Insurance policies of the same value and similar extent of coverage, among all the insurance companies in the city. Century National is charging 1104 USD on an average, which is substantially lower than the state average that stands at USD 1667 per year.

California Car Insurance Rates by ZIP Code & City
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Cost of Car Insurance in San Francisco: by Neighborhood

The rates for insurance premium in San Fransisco are likely to vary by a margin of USD 100 or even more, based on the specific Bay Area the car owner is residing. Attributes like the count of car thefts as well as the count of motor accidents in a given area determine the cost of the insurance policy. Thus, 2 car owners from 2 different bay regions pay different rates for insuring the same model of cars from the same brand.

Best Car Insurance in San Francisco

In this regard, the competition is primarily between the companies like AMERIPRISE, Military Members, and Metromile. However, the differences in this regard are really competitive as all these companies give good Fight to each other in one term or another. On the other hand, AMERIPRISE has got the record for best claim handling. Metromile policies are perfect for the drivers, who will drive lower than the average rates. Thus, any of these companies, more suiting your insurance needs will be the best insurer in your case.

Auto Insurance Agents in San Francisco

The city has got an extensive network of agents for different leading Insurance companies in the country. You will be surprised to know that the insurer encourages the buyers to deal with the agents, either in person or over the phone, prior to buy the policy online. This is not a bad alternative as you can have some over-the-table session with the experts who can assist you to find the most suitable policy in your case.

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in San Francisco, CA

  • Coverage for Physical Injuries to the minimum extent of USD 15000 per head or USD 30000 for each accident.
  • Minimum coverage for liability for property damage to the extent of USD 5000.
  • Physical Injury coverage for Uninsured Drivers to the extent of USD 15000 per head and USD 30000 for each accident.
  • Coverage for property damage for Uninsured drivers to the minimum extent of USD 3500.

Fatal Accidents in San Francisco

The rates in that regard vary from one Bay area to another and depending on the count in the concerned area, the rate of the insurance premium is likely to go up. This is a big city, and thus, it is obvious that there will be more chances for such accidents to occur, compared with the smaller cities. As for records, between 2011 and 2015, 160 cases of fatal accidents have been recorded in the city.

Driving Conditions in San Francisco

A report published by the department of Roadways suggests that San Fransico occupy the 3rd position in the list of the Worst traffic cities in the United States. On an average, the commutation lasts for 30 minutes. Between 2012 and 2014, the city has recorded 30 death cases, arising due to motor accidents.

Unique Laws in San Francisco

In the majority of the intersections, taking the left turn is prohibited. It is against the law to use the used undergarments as clothes to wipe the Car screens.

San Francisco Vehicle and Driving Safety Requirements

  • Ensure that you have put on the seat belt in the course of driving.
  • If it is really important to take a call on your cell phone or you require making one, use the hands-free in those instances.
  • Driving while drunk is not solicited to ensure your safety.

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