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Houston Car Insurance

Are you hunting for the cheapest auto insurance Houston plan? Do you want to buy your first car insurance policy? Well, auto insurance in Houston has grown in leaps and bounds. You have so many options to choose from. This makes the entire process daunting.

Houston is the 2nd largest city in Texas. It is known for its congested streets. After all, Houston has around 2 million residents. In Houston, you cannot drive a car without insurance. That is why you must be aware of the ins and outs of auto insurance Houston.

Texas Car Insurance Rates by ZIP Code & City
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Houston Car Insurance Rates

Average auto insurance rates in Houston by ZIP code

ZIP codeAverage rateHighest rateLowest rate

Car Insurance Companies in Houston

CompanyState minimum
State Farm$542
State Farm$605
State Farm$1,529

Houston Driving Condition

As mentioned previously, Houston is a busy place. There are so many roads, narrow lanes, and freeways. It is quite difficult to handle traffic in this city. Yet, localities have come up with many fascinating strategies to battle traffic. Here are few steps to help with traffic in Houston:

  • Locals prefer car pooling
  • Some roads are timed!
  • There are plenty of cameras in and around the city.
  • State of art equipment and technologies are used to analyse traffic information.

Most Dangerous Roads in Houston

HighwayNumber of Fatal AccidentsPercent That Involve Drunk Driver
I-45 GULF FWY1723.5%

The crime scene in Houston

There is a strong relationship between car insurance Houston and the city’s crime scene. Crimes that relate to your vehicle can increase car insurance premiums in Texas. That is why car owners with improved safety strategies are able to save more! By installing safety equipment, you can reduce hundreds from your annual premiums. According to a recent study, the crime scene in Houston is as follows:

  • Around 20000 burglaries
  • Around 15000 car thefts
  • Around 65000 larcenies

Safety rules in Houston

Safe drivers are bound to save lots of money! They will receive cheaper insurance premiums and more deals. But, what would make you a good driver? This is a complicated question. Rules differ from one state to another. That is why you should understand your statement completely.

Seatbelt plays an important role in Houston’s safety measures. All kids below 8 years of age should be placed in a safety seat. And, elders must wear their seatbelts. People who don’t wear seat belts should pay a fine between 25 and 250 USD.

Texting while driving is an offense in Texas. The law was reformed and passed on the 1st of September 2017. Drivers should not text! First-time offenders should pay 99 USD. Well, the fine depends on many factors. On a very bad day, you should pay 250 USD. With repeated offenders, the fines range between 150 and 500 USD.

Helmets are not compulsory for adult drivers. But, the driver must have passed the motor safety exam. If you are under 21 years of age, helmets are compulsory. Though there aren’t any strict rules, it would be wise to wear helmets.

Driving under influence is a serious offense in Texas (just like the other states). A fine of 2000 USD is imposed on first-time offenders. Of course, you should spend some time in jail too. With more DUI charges, the fines are bound to increase. You are likely to lose your driving license and even spend some time plenty of money on attorneys.


On the whole, Texas had clear rules for drivers. To be safe, you should carry a driving license and good car insurance. Offenders are asked to pay hefty fines, especially if it was not your first case.

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