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Detroit Car Insurance

Do you wish to master the art of bagging a cheap car insurance in Detroit? Are you wondering how people safeguard their vehicles from terrible accidents? Well, car insurance Detroit is an interesting topic. It is often governed by many factors like your neighborhood, age, driving record, credit history and the service provider’s variables. Finding a cheap auto insurance Detroit policy is not easy. It needs a lot of homework and shopping.

An important factor that controls your monthly premiums would be the neighborhood. People who live in safe neighborhoods pay lesser than the rest. With this being said, how safe is Detroit for you? Keep reading to answer this question.

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Safety Requirements In Detroit

Detroit belongs to the state of Michigan. And, there are plenty of laws to protect the welfare of drivers and passengers. For instance, every driver between 8 and 15 years of age should wear a front and back seat belt. Buckling up is important; else, the driver will receive a ticket. All kids who are above 4 feet 9 inches should buckle up!

Motorcyclists should wear a helmet. And, they must have 1st party medical coverage of 21,000 USD. Motorists above 21 years of age should wear a helmet and carry a valid insurance policy. Luckily, the state doesn’t expect passengers to wear helmets.

In Detroit the use of handheld devices during drives is banned. The law bans drivers from carrying phones in their lap or hand too! All teenage drivers are banned from using handheld devices while driving.

Driving Conditions In Detroit

Driving conditions in Detroit are quite unpredictable. If you are driving in the city between December and February, you should be very careful. That is because the drives become tougher with snowfall. Unfortunately, spring or summer doesn’t make life easier for drivers. That is because spring and summer are known for its thunderstorms. You should be more careful during the cold, rainy season. With strong winds and heavy hailstorms, the risks of causing an accident are more.

As the road conditions become tougher, you are prone to violate rules and cause accidents. These accidents will increase your points and eventually make you pay higher premiums. With accidents, the idea of bagging a cheap car insurance Detroit policy becomes tough. So, drivers are advised to take precautions and install safety gears in their vehicles.

Crime Statistics In Detroit

According to a recent study, Detroit is extremely unsafe for vehicle owners. The city ranks number 2 in automobile thefts. More than 1500 vehicles were stolen in 2012. And, there were 2000+ incidents of larceny and burglary. With vehicle thefts increasing on a yearly basis, it makes it difficult for car insurance Detroit companies to give cheap deals. If your neighborhood is safe, you are likely to receive good deals.

Odd And Unique Laws In Detroit

There are few weird laws in Detroit. Here are two such laws:

  • You cannot sell vehicles on Sundays.
  • You cannot let pigs run free! But, pigs with nose rings can run free!


On the whole, Detroit is an interesting city with rough and tough conditions for drivers. If you want a cheap car insurance policy, you must be careful and safe! Understand more about the insurance companies in your region for a good deal.

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