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What is One Day (24-hour) car insurance?

If you are a car driver from the United States, you must have heard about the 1-day car insurance policies. What are these policies all about and how it benefits the policy holders? Likewise, you are likely to wonder that who is the target customers for these policies. Well, as the name suggests, these policies typically fetch the coverage for a span of 24 hours and as it comes up from the observations, these policies come wonderful beneficial in relevant instances. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss a few of the key points regarding this short-term insurance policy.

Reasons that you might consider One Day car insurance

The 24-hour car insurance policy is significantly different from the usual vehicle insurance policies and in relevant instances, these insurance policies can extend you a comprehensive coverage, thus, safeguarding your interest. The purpose of this policy is to secure you for short-term and these policies come for the modest rates. Thus, investing in these policies, you can secure your car comprehensively, incurring the minimum expenses.

For instance, if you are renting out your vehicle and you are not having secondary ways to cover the rental cost, this policy will be the perfect solution in such instances. If the car is encountering any accidents, the policy will cover all the expenses for the repairs and restoration of the vehicle. Likewise, if the car gets stolen or damaged beyond the extent of restoration, this policy will fetch you adequate compensations in such instances.

The typical coverage plans for the 24-Hour insurance policies

This policy is designed for those drivers who drives seldom. Typically, the coverage covers the following areas:

  • Damages caused to the vehicle as a result of an accident.
  • Coverage for recovery and repair after accident.
  • Damages caused to the car due to Acts of God activities as well as fire, theft and burglary.
  • Coverage for the liability for physical injury or death of 3rd parties.
  • Coverage for damages caused to 3rd party properties.

If you are driving only once in a while, or you have rented your vehicle to someone, as well as if you are yet to get the coverage from the regular policies, the 24-hour car insurance is an effective and economical solution to your insurance needs. No wonder, with the passage of time, these policies are gaining rising popularity among the car owners and car drivers in the United States.

Who can get 24-hour car insurance?

These policies are targeted for those car owners who drives infrequently and thus, taking the regular policies will become all the more expensive. Likewise, this policy has been very popular among those car owners who rents out their cars.

If you are borrowing someone else’s vehicle for a day, this will be the right policy to opt for. Similarly, when you have a new car and you cannot decide the insurer to opt for, you can opt for these policies.

Keep in mind that the majority of the insurers is very strict about granting these policies. You cannot buy these policies, if you have not attained the minimum age of 21 years. Insurers will not even consider your application for these policies, if you don’t have an impressive driving record and a good credit score.

How To Get One Day Car Insurance?

  • At the onset, collect information regarding the policies like the eligibility, the extent of coverage, the premium payable and other key information, related to the policy.
  • Once you have gathered these sets of information, you require collecting the quotes from a number of providers. You can visit the website serving insurance quotes to get such estimates for free.
  • Call up a few insurance agents in your locality that can suggest you some policies from the local providers that will come for more inexpensive rates.
  • Once you come across the most suitable policy, coming within your budget, you require paying the insurance premium for buying the specific policy.
  • Once you have made the payment for the policy, don’t forget to collect the proof of the policy or the insurance certificate from your insurer. If you are encountering accidents, the cops will ask you to produce the document.

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