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What is the most popular car of all time

No matter the make and model of their car, vehicle owners are obsessed with their cars. They keep comparing between different models of cars and what come out from such comparison is that not all the cars are exactly alike. While some cars attain average popularity, other cars become time-tested classic. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss a few such cars.

BMW 3 Series

This entry-level luxury vehicle was introduced in the year 1975 and since then, it has maintained its relevance to date. Primarily available only in the model like the 2-door sedan, in contemporary times, this vehicle is available in Hybrid design. This car is for those who never like to settle for the 2nd best.

Volkswagen Passat

Some worthiness of this car can be made from the data that between 1973 and today, already 23 million pieces of this model had been sold out globally. This model is unique from the other models of vehicles from this manufacturer as this car closely resembles the design of Audi cars. The Car calls for extremely class, luxury, comfort, and sophistication.

Ford Model T

Though this has turned into a vintage car today, still, it is one of the most popular models that has come up in the history of the Automobile industry. This car was regularly produced between 1908 and 1927 and its significance was that it was the first-ever affordable vehicle for the buyers from the middle class.

Honda Accord

For 15 years, this model retained the slot of the highest selling Japanese Car in the US. Till date, almost 16 million pieces of this car have been sold out in the global market. Thus, the quality of this vehicle is beyond the scope of debate.

Ford Escort

This model was initially introduced to the UK market and after having a ravishing show there, the manufacturer captured the US market, eventually the global market. In spite of having an average appearance, its superlative performance enabled the manufacturer to sell out more 20 million cars of this model, globally.

Honda Civic

No matter the aspect of its fashionable look or its superlative performance, this car deserves a place in the list of the most popular cars of all times. This statement is supported by the figure that 17 million pieces of this car has been already sold out and it is one of the most popular cars in the category of small personal vehicles.

Volkswagen Beetle

A massive sales tally of 21 million pieces is sufficient to establish the worthiness of this car. Owners of this car are really passionate and obsessed about its impeccable look and formidable performance.

Ford F-Series

Another classic from the house of a master-class, investing in this car, you are assured to get the sweetest value in return for your money. As on date, more than 30 million pieces of this car have been sold out and thus, it is one of the most sought-after models of vehicles in the global automobile market.

Volkswagen Golf

The total sales for this model have crossed the mark of 25 million and it is rising further, as days are passing by. The latest version of this model was introduced in 2012 and it is still one of the most loved cars among the car owners worldwide.

Toyota Corolla

Launched in the year 1966, this model now tops the list of all-time popular vehicles, with more than 32 million sales figure. Research shows, every 40 seconds, a buyer is buying the car, somewhere across the globe. Thus, none other models could even give a competition to this car as the most popular car of all times.

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