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What is a Learner's Permit and Who Can Get One?

A learner's permit is a temporary driver's license that has restrictions in place for safety measures while you are learning to drive. Before you can be issued a learner's permit, you must take a driver's education course and pass a written test that covers traffic guidelines, safety measures, and other essential driving tools.

After passing the test and receiving a learner's permit, the learner, who is typically a teenager or adult who has never driven, is allowed to practice for the driving portion of the driver's license test but must follow certain guidelines that vary from state to state.

How Does a Learner's Permit Car Insurance Work?

Typically, you are required to practice driving for a certain length of time before taking and passing the road test required to apply for a full driver's license. A learner's permit also mandates that a fully licensed driver who is over the age of 18 be present in the car at all times.

Do You Need Car Insurance with a Learner's Permit?

Even though you are learning to drive and are not a fully licensed driver, you must be insured while practicing for the road test.

When obtaining your automobile insurance coverage, you are usually not required to apply for your own car insurance policy because car insurance normally follows the car and not the driver. The individual who owns the car used for practicing will normally have an automobile insurance policy that covers the person learning to drive. However, they are required to add the learner to their insurance policy in order for the individual to be covered.

If the learner fails to notify the insurance company of the person whose car is being used for practice, many insurance companies will still cover you.

What Do You Need to Get Such a Privilege?

As was stated previously, the requirements for receiving a learner's permit vary between states. You must check out the exact procedure. In order to receive a learner's permit, most states require the following in order to begin the process to receive your permit.

  • You must typically be 15 years old.
  • You must take a driver's education course that teaches the rules of the road and must pass this class.

In some states, you receive your learner's permit after successfully completing the course and are able to practice for your test immediately. In other states, you visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles or your state's organization that is in charge of issuing driver's licenses and fill out a driver's license application. Part of the process requires you to provide some type of proof of your identity. A social security card, your birth certificate, and proof that you are enrolled in school, such as a report card, are normally acceptable proof.

After you have finished the paperwork to obtain your learner's permit, you will be given your state's official driver's license test. You must pass this test in order to proceed to the driving portion of the process.

After passing the written test, you pay the license fees required by your state and proceed to the driving portion. If you pass the test successfully, the DMV will either give you a learner's permit that day or mail it to you. This process varies between states.

What Do You Need to Bring to Get a Permit?

Remember, it is very important for you to check with the DMV about what is acceptable documentation to prove your identity prior to going to their location. The DMV cannot bend state rules if you arrive with improper documentation. While the acceptable proof of identity varies from state to state, it typically allows you to provide your social security card, birth certificate, and some type of proof that you are attending school.

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