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What is FRA suspension?

For Ohio drivers, there are six different categories of driver’s license suspensions. Even more individual types of suspensions exist, so naturally, people have a lot of questions about them. One of the suspensions a person can get is an FRA driver's license suspension. This article explores what this is, what happens if you get one, and what can happen if you are caught driving with one.

FRA Driver License Suspensions

An FRA is a driver's license suspension that has to do with financial responsibility. If you have failed to prove financial responsibility while driving, you could receive this type of suspension. When a driver is caught driving without automobile insurance, they are in violation of the Financial Responsibility Act, and they could receive a suspension of their driver's license. It is also possible to receive this type of suspension by allowing your vehicle to be driven by a person who does not have automobile insurance coverage.

In some cases, a person will receive another offense, and the FRA suspension will be tacked onto it. Even if you are not stopped while you are driving, or involved in an accident, you can be charged with this penalty, however. Ohio has a Random Selection Program, which allows the Ohio BMV, to randomly select over 5,000 people each week who are registered in the state. The owner of a selected vehicle will receive a letter stating they have to prove that they had insurance on a specific date. If they cannot do so, they will receive an FRA license suspension.

What Happens If You Get An FRA Driver’s License Suspension

If you receive a suspension of this type, you will have to go through a process in order to regain your driving permissions. This particular suspension will last for 90 or more days. To get it lifted, a $150 reinstatement fee will need to be paid. Drivers who violate in this way may also need to carry an SR-22 certificate of insurance for up to three years. Auto insurance companies also pay attention to who has received these suspensions, and because they are considered higher risk drivers after, the insurance rates a driver receives will likely be higher than average for a period of time.

Repeat offenders will receive harsher penalties, and the second time a driver receives an FRA suspension within five years can see the suspension last for a year. In addition, the reinstatement fee will go up, as will the length of time the driver has to carry an SR-22 certificate of insurance.

What Happens If You’re Caught Driving With An FRA Driver’s License Suspension

People who are caught driving with an FRA driver's license suspension will also face harsh penalties. Those who are charged and convicted can see their driver’s license suspension extended. In addition, their vehicle can be immobilized for up to 60 days, community service may be assigned, points can be added to your driver’s license, and there can be additional fines of up to $1,000. Each subsequent offense will receive harsher penalties. Getting the minimum limits for auto insurance, or more, is recommended. You can request to the BMV to grant limited driving privileges while you are on suspension if needed. This can help you get to work, school, and visit your family if approved. The state of Ohio takes automobile insurance very seriously, and getting a policy that meets the minimum required limits and maintaining it is the best way to avoid an FRA driver's license suspension. You can find the best prices for car insurance available here and now. Compare rates from multiple companies and get the best prices for your auto coverage plan.

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