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What Is a Car Insurance Policy Number?

Driving can be stressful at times, but nothing is more stressful than being pulled over by a police officer or getting into an accident. Everything can seem very fast-paced, and tension can be high. One of the things that makes life easier if you are pulled over, in an accident, or need peace of mind while driving, is purchasing an automobile insurance plan. Not only do they protect you financially if a car crash occurs, but they can also help you save money if you are pulled over by a police officer. Driving without an insurance policy is illegal in almost every state, and the penalties can be steep. You will need to know your vehicle insurance policy number in order to avoid these penalties, as well as other consequences that can come from driving without insurance.

Each time an automobile insurance policy is issued, the policyholder is given a unique number by their auto insurance provider that helps you identify their account and make claims. This number is located in numerous places, including on your insurance card, your bills, and your declaration page. While most of the time you will not need your car insurance policy number, there are specific times where you will need to present proof of automobile insurance or pass your automobile insurance number along. These include when you are pulled over or if you are in an accident. Read on to get more information about where to find your policy number, when you will be needing your policy number, and when you should look into getting someone else’s policy number.

Where Can I Find My Car Insurance Policy Number?

In most cases, your car insurance policy number will be between eight and ten digits. The most common place that people look for this number is on their insurance cards; which companies provide so that policyholders can easily give proof of insurance to police officers or people they have been in an accident with. Sometimes there are different cards for each vehicle, and other times, all of the information is located on one card and using one policy number.

So long as you continue your insurance coverage with the same company, your policy number generally stays the same. If you let your policy lapse, or if you change auto insurance providers, your policy number is likely to change. Keep in mind that there is often another number on your card, which is your vehicle identification number. This is also an important number to have on hand, but it is 16 digits and is not your car insurance policy number.

Your auto insurance policy number can also be found on your Declarations page, as well as on your automobile insurance bills. If you are in need of the number, and cannot find your insurance card, these are excellent places to look.

When Do I Need My Car Insurance Policy Number?

There are four main times where you will need your automobile insurance policy number. The one most people are aware of is after an automobile accident. People exchange automobile insurance information with each other whenever they are in a car accident. Sometimes, if the police come to the scene of the accident, the police will also take down each person’s automobile insurance information. In addition to this information, you should get other information from all parties involved, as listed in the next section.

In addition, if you are pulled over by a police officer, the police will ask for proof of insurance. Every state except for New Jersey has laws that require a person to be able to provide proof of insurance. For people who are not able to provide an insurance card or other insurance proof, stiff penalties are in place. These can include fines, fees, community service time, license suspension, and possible jail time.

Also, whenever you contact your automobile insurance company over the phone, you will need to have your policy number. This makes it easy for you to file claims and get questions answered about your account when needed. By having your automobile insurance card on you at all times, or at least whenever you drive, you will be ready to contact your vehicle insurance provider whenever you need to.

In some states, proof of insurance is required in order to register a vehicle. If you live in one of these states you will need your auto insurance policy number, as well as physical proof of insurance like an insurance card or Declarations Page, in order to complete the registration on your vehicle. Car registration is required by law in most states.

When Do I Need Someone Else's Policy Number?

There are multiple points in time where you will need either your automobile insurance card or your car insurance policy number. These include when you are in an accident with another driver. This is when you will exchange insurance information, including your policy number, with the other driver. They will also give their insurance information to you. Make sure to take down the other driver’s additional information, or take a picture of their driver’s license. This way you have their name, address, phone number, and automobile insurance information. If you file a claim, having their automobile insurance information is essential. Remember that the longer a person takes to file a claim, the more complex the process can be in some situations.

Final Notes

As soon as the starting date of your insurance policy begins, you are covered by your automobile insurance policy. If you have not received your policy card yet, and need to drive, contact your automobile insurance company or sign in to your Internet account for auto insurance to get your car insurance policy number so that you have it on hand if needed.

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