What Car Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

Decide how much liability coverage is enough for similar type of drivers.

What are the Consequences of Driving Without Insurance?

Driving without insurance can come with major fines, fees, penalties, and other consequences. Whenever a person drives without automobile insurance, there are not only risks of these things from the state, but there are also other expenses and risks that you are taking. Learn about all of the ways that your insurance rates can be affected, in addition to fines, fees, and other expenses here. Each state has different minimum limits for automobile insurance, which will also be discussed. Lastly, while each state is different in terms of car insurance requirements, many of the risks of driving without insurance are the same.

How Much Is The Fine For Driving Without Insurance State By State?

Fines for driving without insurance can be pretty high. There are first offense fines in some states that are as low as $100, but first offenses can also be as much as $1,000 depending on the circumstances surrounding the offense. With multiple offenses, the costs can go up even more. Here is information about how to find car insurance fines in each state.

Each state in the United States has different laws in regards to automobile insurance and how much is required. They also have different penalties that can vary from one state to the next. Most states have a DMV or other department you can contact to get the latest information.

Fines for the first offense for driving without insurance in the state of Alabama can be up to $500, as an example. A person’s automobile registration can also be suspended. Additional offenses have heavier penalties. Driving without insurance in Alaska can be pricey as well, with fines between $500 and $1,000 being common penalties. People can also face a driver’s license suspension, be required to file for an SR-22 form, and serve up to 90 days in jail.

Arizona law states that a fine in the amount of $500 minimum be applied for people driving without insurance, for the first offense. Their driver’s license and registration are also at risk of being suspended.

As you can see, fines and penalties can vary from one place to the next. In many situations, the fee for driving without a valid insurance policy is very expensive. Some states have lower penalties than others, which are sometimes balanced with other potential consequences for breaking auto insurance laws. California has one of the lowest fine and fee structures for a first offense for operating a motor vehicle without the proper insurance. Fines for first offenses often range between $100 and $200. Depending on the circumstances, you may also see your vehicle impounded. Driving in Florida without insurance can come with a fine of $30 or more, as well as a driver’s license suspension, registration suspension, and the confiscation of license plates also being a possibility.

Colorado is one of the states that has some differences in the penalties people can get. Colorado has some pretty strict fines and penalties for driving a vehicle without insurance. This includes a $500 minimum fine, the possibility of community service, possible license suspension, and four points being added to your driving record.

Other states have a wider range of fines that can be applied, states like Connecticut. Connecticut has fines between $100 and $1,000 for a first offense for driving with no automobile insurance. Up to 90 days of jail time can also be assigned depending on the circumstances, and people can get their driver’s license and registration suspended. 

There are always states that have more strict laws than other states, and for automobile insurance, Delaware is one of those states. Delaware has hefty fines for driving with no insurance, which can range between $1,500 in $2,000. License plates can be confiscated, and driver’s license and registration can be suspended.

Some states put jail time as an option for driving without automobile insurance. Fines for drivers in Georgia range between $200 and $1,000, with up to one year of prison time in some situations. Driver’s license and registration can also be suspended in some cases.

How Much Insurance Rates Go Up After A Violation For Driving Without Insurance State By State?

Each automobile insurance company uses different variables to determine the rates people pay on their car insurance policies. Because of this, the amount your insurance goes up can vary from one company to the next when it comes to driving without an automobile insurance plan.

Depending on the laws of each state, however, automobile insurance companies can charge more money. In Michigan, as an example, people who have lapses in their automobile insurance policy for more than 30 days can be placed into a high-risk automobile insurance category. This means that a higher rate for automobile insurance can be charged, but it also means that some automobile insurance companies might not offer you a quote for automobile insurance at all.

What Are My Options If I Do Not Have Car Insurance?

If possible, you should get an automobile insurance policy as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that if you are not driving the vehicle a lot of miles, you may qualify for a low mileage plan. In some cases, you can choose to garage a vehicle and still have the minimum amount of automobile insurance coverage while still paying a low rate. This does mean that you will have to drive your vehicle a lot less, or in some cases not at all. This can be an excellent way to avoid a lapse in coverage that might put you into a higher risk category and cost hundreds or thousands of dollars over time though.

Can Your License Be Suspended For Driving Without Insurance?

There are many states where your driver’s license can be suspended if you are caught driving without insurance. This is a possibility in 42 out of the 51 states and the District of Columbia. In many cases, a person has a grace period to get insurance after the first offense. If you cannot provide proof of insurance when you are pulled over, many states do allow you to prove that you had insurance when you were pulled over by bringing your insurance card to a courthouse or police station.

Can Your Vehicle Be Towed Or Impounded For Driving With No Insurance?

A total of nine states have automobile insurance laws that allow police officers to impound people’s vehicles if they are caught driving without insurance for a first offense. Having an automobile impounded is no fun at all, and can add up to considerable expenses very quickly.

What Happens If You’re In An Accident Without Insurance - As The At-Fault Driver?

If you are in an accident and do not have insurance, and are deemed to be the driver at fault, you can face legal trouble. In addition to being responsible for the damage of another person’s vehicle, you are also liable for medical bills that result from the accident. This can add up to be an immense amount of money and can wreak havoc on people’s budgets and finances.

If you are in an accident and do not have insurance, make sure that you do not admit fault to the police officer, to the other driver, or in writing to an insurance company. If the accident is a small one, you may be able to negotiate to pay out-of-pocket for expenses related to the crash with the other driver. If you choose to do this, make sure to get what is negotiated in writing. Once a short period of time goes by, get information that states that the agreement has been met and that you have no additional financial responsibility.

What Happens If You’re In An Accident Without Insurance - As The Not-At-Fault Driver?

If you are the not-at-fault driver in an accident, make sure not to admit fault to the police, the other driver, or your insurance company. In most cases, the other person’s automobile insurance policy will cover damage to your vehicle and your medical expenses. Get the other drivers personal information and car insurance policy number and company, as well as their phone number so you can file a claim.

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