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States with the Fastest And Slowest Speed Limits

It is hard to find a driver, who never dream of driving at the highest speed. However, the highest and the lowest extent of speed for driving the car largely depends on the state laws. In addition, there are various aspects like insurance premium cost, fines and driving records related to the speed of the drive. Hence, it will make sense to discuss the key aspects in this regard.

The Top 10 Speediest states in the US

The 10 states in this category can be divided into 5 groups, depending on the highest extent of speed, permissible for driving the cars. The states like Kansas, Nevada, Oklahoma, Lousiana will come in the 5th slot with the average highest speed ranging around 72 miles per hour. To the 4th slot, comes North Dakota and Idaho. For these states, the highest permissible speed limit, on an average is 73 Miles per hour.

Utah, Maine, and Wyoming jointly occupy the 3rd slot in this regard with the average highest average speed level clipped at 75 Miles per hour. Allowing the drivers to accelerate to the extent of 77 miles per hours, South Dakota is the 2nd speediest state in the US.

Standing on the top slot of the podium in Texas, the state which is the paradise for those drivers, aspiring to drive at lightning speed. In Texas, you can drive to the extent of 90 miles per hour.

The Top 10 slowest states in the US

Contrary to the rules in Texas that allows driving at lightning speed of 90 MPH, there are various states in the country, wherein the highest speed limits are significantly low. Here are the 10 states that come in the category of the slowest states:

  • Alaska is the slowest among all the US states, the average speed limit clipped at 55 MPH.
  • Delaware, Hawaii, New York, Vermont and Rhode Island will occupy the 2nd slot, with the average speed varying between 57 and 58 MPH.
  • States like New Jersey, Indiana, and Connecticut occupy the 3rd slot in this list. The average speed in these states accounts to the extent of 62 miles per hour.
  • Massachusetts occupies the top slot in this listing and the average speed in this state is 65 miles per hour.

Some interesting trivia about the Speed limit

  • Georgia follows the “Super Speeder law” that can penalize the drivers with a fine up to USD 200 for driving over the speed of 75 MPH if the track is double lane and exceeding the limit of 85 MPH in the multiple lane courses.
  • In a few states, the average highest speed varies in between the day and night.
  • The cost for the insurance premium varies from one state to another, depending on the limit of the average speed.

Look Speed Limits by State

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