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Senior Auto Insurance

The survival rate in humans is longer in comparison to the earlier generations that by the next decade the number of seniors will be on a rise to double as of now. This indicates it is a must to know the benefit of car insurance rates for seniors and the coverage it offers.

There are senior car insurance discounts available. This begins with choosing one of the best auto insurance for senior citizens. Choosing the best is mandatory to benefit from senior driver discounts.

Car insurance rates for seniors

Giving up car driving is difficult, especially if you have been driving for many numbers of years. In particular, when driving is related to aging, it denotes a loss of independence. It is that you must think or children must respect their parent’s individuality. Definitely, it is unsafe if your parents are driving:

  • Slower or faster consistently than general traffic flow.
  • Even if there are medical conditions or issues such as:
    • Vision.
    • Concentration.
    • Reaction time.
    • Experiencing decreased vision, hearing or mobility.
    • Frequent small accidents or even getting lost.

There is a need for an educated driver as it has the best advantages. The auto insurance for seniors offers the best auto insurance rates for seniors if they are safe drivers. Thus, seniors can investigate other possibilities to avail senior discounts and also choose the best coverage. There is a need to monitor your parents to look out for signs indicating they must give up driving.

Senior car insurance discounts

There is a possibility to qualify for senior auto discounts. However, this is available only if you have the potential and qualify for senior auto insurance. The few details include:

  • Discounts initiate from the age of 50 and with every five years, it increases.
  • If you use your vehicle showing low mileage that per year it reveals a 5000 miles consumption or even lesser, car insurance for seniors offers a low mileage special discount.
  • Insurance agencies on the renewal of an insurance policy reward the seniors for their loyalty.
  • If there are multi-line discounts on the vehicle, two cars, etc, as seniors you can enjoy a discount of multi-car or even if the same insurer covers your home, car, and RV, you as a senior certainly qualify for a discount package.
  • Paying the premium in full annually implies the service charges is saved and passed to you.

Ensure, you avail all the discounts and it is important your agent must be aware of the changes if any. Your senior car insurance should be one such that it does not break your bank. As mentioned above, there are ways to save. It is right to review annual coverage so that you buy a policy that fits your lifestyle and needs, required as coverage.

Availing Right Coverage

Auto insurance discounts are available on reaching a mature age, but the fact is that the insurance rates increase beyond that age. This is because of the decrease in vision and slow reflexes. The seniors are expected to pay higher premiums as they get older. There are options to save money, however, as you assess car insurance policy, consider:

  • Change the primary driver name to the name of your child, if you do not drive the majority of the time, thus saving money on your policy.
  • If you drive only for few miles, increase your deductible over long-term and save money.
  • Reduce the optional coverage that is no longer required such as drop collision, if you are not driving long distances and thus lower your premium.
  • Create a policy so that the driving habits are taken into consideration and you receive effective coverage.

Safety tips for older drivers

  • Brushing up driving skills. This helps a lot as senior drivers are given a discount on clearing a defensive driving course. Of course, each state driving course varies, so check the details.
  • Stay physically active so that the reaction is faster.
  • Adjust vehicle seat to get a good vision, switch to the power steering to have control on the car.
  • Create a healthy zone by avoiding busy day times and town parts.
  • Avoid driving after medications so that the driving ability is not affected.
  • Plan routes, regular inspection of vehicles, and tune-ups are required. Regularly evaluate vision, hearing and if there is an issue with night driving, just avoid.

State laws specific to seniors

The laws vary with each state that some places renewal is not permitted online or through the phone. Car insurance for senior citizens may require passing extra screenings. Here are a few states and renewal of license details:

State Renewal Years Age
Georgia 5 59
Idaho 4 63
Arizona 5 65
Maine 4 65
Nevada 4 65
South Carolina 5 65
North Carolina 5 66
Missouri 3 70
Hawaii 2 72
Iowa 2 72
Montana 4 75
Rhode Island 2 75
Virginia 5 75
North Dakota 4 78
North Dakota 6 80
Florida 6 80
Florida 2 86

In some of the U.S states, tests of vision and driving are also taken before renewal of license.

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