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Hitting a parked car and steps to take you

What can you do if a car has hit your parked car or if you have hit a parked car? These scenarios can occur more times even you think, and there are some major steps that you can follow and recoup some of the car repair money. You can call an attorney immediately or can contact your insurance company.

Other few steps that you can take are:

  • File a police report.
  • Try and recall the number of the car with any specific details.
  • Write down the name of the witnesses with the exact time or date.
  • If you are carrying a smartphone, capture the snapshots of the car and the damages that done to your car.

Getting into a road accident is not a crime but the crime is leaving that accident is a crime. If you are responsible for an accident involved in a safely parked car, you need to take care of the next steps. Firstly, just keep calm and relax because it is not a big deal.

What should you do if you hit a parked car?

Don’t fall into the hit and run law by leaving the place after hitting the car. It will be considered as a hit and run crime. A conviction can make to give a huge money or hefty money and also in some state it can cause you to go jail, suspension of the driving license or canceling the driving registration or even community service. Your best course of action would be to take the responsibility. Regardless, how simple the accident is but it will be counted as the collision. If you don’t find the car owner or the driver of the damaged car for the longer period of time, leave a sorry note with your name, your contact number and let him know that you should be there if there any issue.


Another concern of such accident is that the car owner or driver of that particular parked car can claim that you caused a lot of damage that was there already. Don’t become a victim but protect yourself with smart tricks.

Take more images at the collision. Your pictures should be enough clear that shows clearly the right positions of both of the cars or even if there any type of pre-existing damage in the car.

If you find any witnesses there, ask the persons for their details and contact information.

Now contact your insurance company first and tell them about the details of the accident. You may feel nervous and tempted to handle the situation but your expert can save you if the driver is trying to pull down the first one over you. Having a good car insurance company for the backups there is really the best way to save you from fraud.

Paying money for the damage

Your insurance company will save you to become a victim of the car insurance fraud but they cannot pay the amount of damage. An accident of parking lot is no such different from the collision and if you are the faulty here, your insurance rates will increase very fast. You can ask the driver for paying the money that they need to repair the damage to the car.

If your parked car strikes by another driver

If a driver strikes your car, you have many ways to overcome the loss.

Don’t panic and keep calm. If this accident happened in front of you or the driver is waiting for your arrival, don’t panic and get upset. This type of accident can quickly escalate.

The first thing that you can do is collect all the details of the driver including her/his name, contact number, address, details, and explanation of the incident and details of the insurance company.

Find the witnesses

Whether you have witnessed the incident or not, but find out some potential witnesses. Gather more information about them because the police or your insurance company can ask anytime for them during their investigation process.

Well, if there is no potential insurance you can opt for the footage of the nearest surveillance camera.

Take photos

Take clear and visible pictures of both of the cars and also the picture of the license plate board of the responsible car. Take the snapshots before start driving the car. You can take the pictures of your smartphone. Documentation of your damage is important to avail the liability coverage of your insurance.

Contact the police

As per the requirements of your state, you call the police if there any hit and run case with your parked car even the damage is huge you can ask for the help of the police. They will take the report and can inform you if there any surveillance camera. They will also call the witnesses for a clear idea about the accident.

Inform the insurance company

If the other car’s driver is truly faulty you can contact his/her insurance company. If the driver hit a legally and properly parked car, the insurance company of the other driver will pay you for any kind of damage to your car. If they are not capable to solve the issue, contact your insurance company to start the process of claims. Your insurance policy can cover the damages if you have the collision coverage policy but you have to pay the deductible then. The rates of your insurance will depend on the terms of the company and the laws of your state.

How Car Insurance Will Cover You

  • You can file with the property damage liability coverage of other driver’s insurance. With the bodily injury liability, you will be able to get your coverage if you are bodily injured or hurt during the accident.
  • You file with the uninsured motorist property damage coverage of your own insurance company. This can help you to recover the cost of the damages with lower deductible rates.
  • You can file your claim with collision coverage part of your insurance. This one is a faster process than the previous ones but it comes with more deductible cost.

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