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Multi Car Insurance

Multi-car insurance refers to bundling together car insurance of a single insurer. It is held as a single policy for many vehicles so that a discount is received on the premiums. This is a very convenient way for households having multi-vehicles than paying as stand-alone policies from different insurers. The multi-car insurance pros and cons must be checked and there is no assurance that it will be the cheapest option, so it is best to check for prices by asking multi-car insurance quotes. Precisely, at a glance, multi-car policies are:

  • Tailored for people having over one car in a family.
  • No need of keeping track of renewal time or different places, as all can be done at one time.
  • Enjoy the discount on each car and a maximum of 5 can be in a multi-car insurance policy. This means initiating the policy with 2 cars and introducing the 3rd car means, the discount is applicable to all three cars.
  • Addition of cars throughout the year is possible until the current renewal.


Having more than a car in the household proves your eligibility. People who can avail multi-car car insurance quotes include:

  • Over 1 car in a family or home.
  • Couples with 2 or more cars and are living together.
  • Couple living at different addresses, but own a car individually.
  • Family with children, where children are living away and owing a car, but are residents of the same state.

How does multi-car insurance work?

Insurance companies offering multi-car insurance cover offer discounts aiming to attract more business. This is an incentive and it works well for the insurer and customer. People owning two cars and including a third car to the insurance policy enjoys discount more than the second. The insurer is happy with added business and thus offers discount and this works as a cheaper option than getting it insured at higher rates with different insurance companies.

A multi-car policy covers more than two cars and allows choosing different levels of cover. Although the cover level can be changed for each car, the paperwork can be the same and you can deal with one renewal date. Normally, the date of renewal is the last car added.

What does multi-car insurance cover?

The multi-car insurance cover includes:

  • Windscreen repair.
  • Stereo cover that is for audiovisual equipment.
  • Courtesy car in case your car is under repair.
  • European cover to enjoy holiday without arranging extra cover.
  • Sat nav and cover on personal belongings.
  • No-claims bonus on named driver.
  • Personal injury cover.
  • Helpline on 24-hour emergency.

How do you get your multi-car insurance discount?

Multi-car insurance discount is one of the common discounts and is foolproof. People owning more than a vehicle on a policy, availing multi-car discount can be done automatically.

Multiple vehicles get multi-car discount is designed as car insurance multi-car policy. The discount is not applicable when the second vehicle is in storage as comprehensive coverage.

Multiple car policies in the same household can get the multi-car discount. In case, your teen driver lives with you only and has a separate policy, the multi-car discount may be applied for. The multi-car discount really helps to reduce the insurance high cost. Consult with your agent to get a multi-car discount.

The multi-car discount is available on policies. Motorcycle policies have a multi-car discount. These rules apply for Boats and RVs as they are also eligible. The multi-car discount should be rightly understood to know the policy working system. You can consider cheap multi car insurance comparison, get more quotes and settle in the option that suits you right.

It is good to have all your vehicles under a single insurance carrier. The multi-car insurance is beneficial, but if you try removing a vehicle from the policy, the price may be lesser only by $10 or $20 a month and this is because, with the removal of the discount, the remaining car rate gets raised. Thus ensure before buying a multi-car insurance.

What you'll need to get a quote

To get a quote, you will need to furnish details such as:

  • Model and make of your car or the number plate.
  • Renewal existing dates, if any.
  • Driver details such as name and date of birth.
  • Previous insurance claims if any.
  • Driving convictions, if any.
  • No claims bonus existing if any.

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