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Is the Motor Club of America Car insurance?

Motor Club of America is a company that could be considered a unique niche in regards to automobile coverage. The Motor Club of America was founded in 1926, and it is an established car insurance company.

What is the Motor Club of America?

Motor Club of America is a car insurance company that provides roadside assistance plans, as well as other benefits, to its members. The company is different from many other automobile insurance providers, in that you will still need to purchase a car insurance policy even if you become a member of the Motor Club of America. Pretty much every state in the United States requires a minimum limit for car insurance. These minimum limits for car insurance can include liability insurance, personal injury protection, uninsured motorist coverage, and others.

Members of the Motor Club of America get roadside assistance, which is not a required insurance but is extremely convenient to have. Many people have fears of being locked outside of their cars on extremely hot or extremely cold days, or in general. Motor Club of America helps in situations like these, but also is very helpful in a variety of other situations. Other situations that a membership to Motor Club of America helps with include recharging batteries, changing tires, and more.

Not only is a membership to the Motor Club of America available in the United States, but they are also available in Canada. The services it provides have evolved over the years to offer their members with benefits that can save them a lot of money. A membership to the Motor Club of America pays for itself over the years, both in assistance and in peace of mind.

What other services are offered by MCA?

There are many benefits of MCA outside of the roadside assistance that is provided to members. A few of these other benefits include support for planning a travel, bail bonds of service if you are arrested for an issue related to vehicles, reimbursement of attorney fees for auto-related charges, credit card protection, a wellness program, a stolen vehicle reward that is paid through your membership, and emergency room and hospital reimbursements if you are injured on the road. Other benefits and services are offered by the Motor Club of America as well.

With all of these services, members can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars. This is just another thing that can make getting a membership to Motor Club of America a smart plan.

Affordable Membership Plans

With all of these benefits, people often expect that they will be paying a lot of money each month for a membership to the Motor Club of America. This is far from the case. Standard membership includes all of the benefits listed in this article already and only costs $9.95 per month. There are benefits to getting an upgraded membership as well, which is available for an additional $10 per month at $19.95 per month.

With an upgraded membership to MCA, towing service up to 100 miles is included. As a member, you can choose where the vehicle is towed to. Additionally, you also get benefits through your membership for coverage of RVs, trailers, and motorcycles. Premium members can also receive referral gifts of up to $80 for each new member they send to the club. There is no limit to the number of new members you can refer.

Do I Need Other Car Insurance Too?

While a membership to the Motor Club of America does provide you with a large number of benefits that can save you thousands of dollars, it is not a replacement for liability insurance coverage, or other insurance types that are required by law. Each state has different rules, and

most of them include liability insurance requirements that must be met by drivers in the state.

The benefits that are included in a Motor Club of America membership do not contain any liability insurance coverage, comprehensive insurance coverage, collision insurance coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, UIM coverage, personal injury protection, or other types of insurance that are either required by law or you may want to have. MCA membership is designed to work in conjunction with the insurance policy you purchase to fulfill the requirements of your state or your personal needs.

Do I Have Other Options?

There are other options that you can choose that provide some of the same benefits as a membership to MCA. While very few programs offer the complete roadside assistance coverage and benefits that Motor Club of America does, you will want to select a policy based on your needs. Your automobile insurance provider may have add-ons for roadside assistance, towing assistance, and some of the other benefits that MCS provides. Sometimes roadside assistance is available through a credit card or through a vehicle warranty.

Either way, a membership to the Motor Club of America provides a lot more benefits than just roadside assistance. This is a recommended company and one that many professionals suggest considering a membership to.

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