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Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State

Have you ever wondered how risky walking can get? Indeed, the idea to walk “on or near” a busy road is dangerous. This can be attributed to the increase in the number of road incidents. Every year, tens of thousands of people die from road accidents. The risks of a severe road accident are increased by several factors:

  1. Inexperienced drivers.
  2. Teen and senior drivers.
  3. Poor road rules.
  4. Instable road penalties.
  5. Extreme weather conditions.
  6. Old, unsafe vehicles and driving techniques.

Conversely, walking around with busy cars by your side is a dangerous move. This “information” is backed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If you are a pedestrian, some places are riskier than the rest. In this short article, you will read about these risky places.

The Best & Worst State for pedestrians

Pedestrians must be extra careful in New Mexico. That is because New Mexico tops the list of most dangerous states for walkers. It has registered more fatalities than any other state. Some claim that “Alcohol” is a major reason behind these fatalities. A report in the Albuquerque Journal revealed that pedestrians who passed away during road accidents were intoxicated. More than 15% of the accidents were caused by drunken drivers. It is quite interesting to note that New Mexico has a high percentage of binge drinkers too.

On the other hand, sidewalks in New Mexico are poorly maintained. Most of the sidewalks are severely damaged by rain, floods, drunken drivers, and road accidents. These sidewalks can increase the risks of road fatalities.

Minnesota is considered a safe state for pedestrians. Additionally, Minnesota has the lowest number of DUI cases too.

The Riskiest County for pedestrians

The worst county for those who travel by foot would be Los Angeles, California. The county is second only to Maricopa. When compared against Maricopa, the number of pedestrian fatalities in Los Angeles (207) is 2-times the count in Maricopa (91). This can be attributed to the county’s traffic patterns. What makes the list interesting would be San Diego, Phoenix, and Houston. These are urban countries with “minimal” traffic but a bigger number of pedestrian fatalities. The study became much more interesting when two Californian and six cities from Florida were spotted in the list. Indeed, it is quite difficult to predict cities that can make life dangerous for pedestrians.

Gender & Age

For years, gender has played an integral role in the number of accidents caused. A lot of people consider “women” drivers riskier than “male” drivers. Well, the reality is quite different. Except for Montana and Delaware, female drivers are safe in every other state. More accidents are caused by men than women. Likewise, female pedestrians are safer than male pedestrians. What could be the reason for this difference? According to a recent study, men are more likely to take unnecessary risks and become binge drinkers. Women prefer driving and walking with safety in their minds. This gives a reason why men are requested to pay bigger car insurance premiums. Alcohol, carelessness, and cars are a bad combination. This combo can make a place dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians.

Another factor that influences the number of accidents in every state would be “Age”. There are plenty of discussions on whether young drivers or senior citizens are risky. Well, the answer depends on the state’s driving conditions and lifestyle. In most states, teenage drivers have caused more accidents than elders. But, very few young pedestrians are at risk. South Dakota has recorded 32.2 as the youngest age of pedestrians who die due to accidents. This is 15 years younger than the country’s average – 46.8. The average in Maine is 65.9. This makes young walkers, safe walkers! And, elderly pedestrians are at a bigger risk.

The Worst Streets for Pedestrians

Narrowing down, there are many dangerous streets too. Some of America’s deadliest streets kill more than 134+ pedestrians every year. Most of these streets are located around churches, schools, parks, and libraries. In fact, streets close to beaches are also risky. This can be attributed to high foot traffic. The worst streets in the United States of America for pedestrians would be Redondo Beach, CA and Philadelphia, PA.

Information About Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State at GHSA

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