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Modified Car Insurance

What Is a Modified Car?

More and more people nowadays get bored really quickly with the way their cars look and perform but fortunately, they have the option of tuning and upgrading them. However, things tend to become a bit complicated when it comes to insuring a tuned car because auto insurance companies have a special way of regarding them.

As you probably already know, everything in the insurance business is based on assessing the risk and when it comes to upgraded cars, the risk is considered very high. And after all, it is normal to be this way, given the fact that some people take a stock car and add hundreds of horsepower without even thinking about also upgrading the braking system.

Not all insurance companies are willing to offer insurance for tuned cars, but you will find some that do, of course for a higher premium. However, it will be stipulated in the contract that you cannot participate in racing and other activities that are considered high risk.

Modification Types that Affect Car Insurance

premium wheels & tires new stereo equipment new paint job or body work
pickup truck cap/bedliner front or rear spoilers sun or moon roof
new upholstery or carpetting new or modified engine hood ornaments
new transmission auxiliary lighting (fog lights) alarm or security system
new CD or DVD player chrome bumpers undercar accent lights

What type of insurance do I need?

Are you having any modification work in your car or planning to enhance the appearance and performance of your car. Luckily, you have got insurance for your car that covers all of your needs and modifications.

A modified car is actually the one in which the modifications are made by the other individual instead of the manufacturer. In most scenarios, basic car insurance will not cover these automotive or it may result in higher insurance premiums. Modified car insurance is ideal for making modifications to your car without much expense. However, finding modified car insurance is quite tedious. While thorough analysis of the insurance premiums and coverage will give you appropriate car insurance for your modified car.

For getting the customized car, you still require liability as well as comprehensive coverage. But, additionally, you may require other insurance policies in case of the accident. You can avail two options and that includes:

  • Supplement Coverage - It’s actually an additional coverage offered especially for the aftermarket modifications which are implemented in your car. The premium for this coverage lies in the hands of the insurer. However, it may cost up to 10% of your modifications. There are some organizations which used to offer around $4000 for customizing equipment in case of damage or replacement.
  • Classic Car insurance - Many companies are prevailing in the market which is having specialization in offering insurance to your modified car. If you finding difficulty in recognizing the companies for getting desired coverage for your car. Then, you can have a look at some specialized organizations like Condon Skelly, Hagerty, Grundy and American national.

What to consider before modifying your car?

Let’s have a look at some prominent considerations that need to be considered before modifying your car.

  • Weigh risks and costs - In some scenarios, even a minute alteration will cause an elevation in your premium. It’s wise to weigh the risks and extra costs that may incur in order to avoid issues.
  • Talk with an agent - Before starting modification procedure; it’s good to have a conversation with an agent.
  • Read the prevailing policy - For having a better understanding of the existing policy, you need to read thoroughly and this will help you to know the existing things in the policy.
  • Gather data in written form - For gaining confidence about your modification coverage, better gather all the information from your agent via letter, email or any other document.
  • Be Honest - Your insurer has cent percent right to cancel or deny your claim at any point of time. So, be honest to your insurer and don’t ever try to conceal the modifications which are made in your vehicle. Since you may lose the exact sum of your modification in some scenarios.

Insuring an upgraded car won't be a pretty easy task for you, especially if you want to get it done at a reasonable price, but a bit of research will be able to bring you the right offers. And even though it is very expensive, we strongly recommend you not to take your tuned car out without having it insured, especially if you have invested a lot of money in it. Be smart, protect your passion and your money, get insured!

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