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How much will I be repaid after an accident

Even though none of us likes to think about bad moments, we still have to know how much is the auto insurance company is going to repay us in case we have an accident. Of course, we won't be able to offer you a very precise answer because there are simply too many variables to take in to consideration, but at least we can make an idea on what to expect.

We are going to presume you have comprehensive auto insurance and let's take a first example, of you have a minor accident in which you have only damaged your bumper. In this case, someone from the insurance company will evaluate the damages and you will be repaid with the cost of the repairs minus the deductible. If you have signed a policy with no deductibles, you will get the full price of the repairs.

But we also have to take in to consideration the most unfortunate situation in which your car was totaled after an accident. In this situation, you will be repaid with the value of your car at the moment of the accident minus the deductible. Keep in mind that the value of the car is usually extracted from a very comprehensive catalog.

Of course, the best situation would be to avoid accidents, but given the number of cars on the roads today, this is almost impossible. In most cases, your insurance policy will cover the costs of your repairs, but if you want to be totally happy with it, make sure you choose the insurance company wisely.

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