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How Long Do Points Stay On A Florida Drivers License?

Every state has a different way of calculating traffic infractions on your license, so it’s best to know how it works in the state you live in. In the United States there are only nine states that don’t use a points system to tally up infractions. This doesn’t mean there won’t be a way that they keep track of your traffic violations, it just means they don’t use a point system. Insurance companies will still track any violations on record that can affect your rates, so take the same precautions when driving that you do in states that use point systems.

The Point System

When down in the Sunshine State, meaning Florida, you’ll have a point system to deal with for any infractions on your license. What does this mean? It means that moving violations will add points to your license that will be used to determine penalties, your ability to continue driving, and the cost of your insurance premiums.

The system in Florida breaks down into three categories of points:

Three Point Infractions

  • All moving violations can be considered three-point infractions, with the exception of the ones that are considered more dangerous.
  • Driving with an open container (meaning alcohol), is considered a traffic violation, whether you are drinking it at the time or not. Leave all bottles and cans sealed until you reach your destination.
  • Any speeding less than 15mph over the speed limit.
  • If any children in the car are not wearing the proper safety restraints, then you may be cited.
  • If you are a minor and are out past curfew, you may be given a three-point violation.

Four Point Infractions

  • If you ignore any traffic signals or traffic control devices such, as red lights, stop signs, or any other legal traffic warning sign.
  • Any speeding more than 15mph over the speed limit.
  • If you’re driving is considered reckless, which means you are endangering yourself or others, then you may be cited at the traffic officer’s discretion.
  • If you pass a school bus that is stopped and unloading or loading passengers.
  • Any moving violation you commit that causes an accident to happen.

Six Point Infractions

  • If you are speeding and it results in an accident.
  • If you are part of a traffic scene that caused damage and you leave it.

How Long Do Points Stay On Your License In Florida?

There are a few distinctions in how long points stay on your license in Florida, that are really important to understand. The first important piece of information to remember is that violations, due to traffic law infractions, will be used against you for three years by insurance companies. Your premiums will be affected by this, and coverage may be harder to come by with more intense traffic violations.

The second part of the Florida license point system you need to be clear on is that your points don’t stop accumulating when the three years are up. The state keeps track of your points for a five year period, in which you will be held accountable for any further accumulation of infractions.

It’s necessary to denote the difference between the insurance company calculations, and the states tally of your points. The first affects how much insurance will cost you, or whether you can be covered, but the second determines if you’ll get to keep your license. Best to be aware of any points you’ve accrued, and keep track to know when they are no longer valid by either institution.

Length Of Point Suspensions

In accordance with Florida laws, if you have acquired an egregious number of points within certain time periods, then your license may be suspended or revoked. Here is the breakdown of the length of penalties due to points sums:

  • If you have acquired 12 points within the span of 12 months, you’ll receive a 30 day suspension.
  • If you have acquired 18 points within the span of 18 months, you’ll receive a 90 day suspension.
  • If you have acquired 24 points within the span of 36 months, you’ll receive a 1 year suspension.

Driving Privileges And Point Suspensions In Florida

If you have accumulated enough points, the state of Florida has the ability to suspend your license. If you have committed three major traffic violations, or fifteen minor traffic violations, within a five year period, then your Florida license may be revoked. There currently isn’t a way for you to get points off of your license in the state of Florida, so remember to stay up to date on how many points you’ve accrued. It’s one thing to occasionally be given a ticket, and another to end up considered a habitual traffic offender by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Be aware of the laws, and stay safe out there on the road.

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