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How Can Get a Driver's License in New Jersey

Getting the driving license in New Jersey is not an easy task to complete, there are several major steps that have to complete before applying for the driving license. To simplify your application method start by gathering the necessary paperwork and documents, calculate and ready your fees and pass some specific exam to obtain the driving license in New Jersey. There are also some services available to give complete online assistance to you. These services can help you to simplify your entire process by providing all the needed information.

To have car insurance in New Jersey is as important as having a driver's license. So be careful that you are not fined.

It doesn’t matter that you are a new resident, non-US citizen but you need to fulfill the requirements New Jersey Motor Vehicle Agency to get your driving license.

Steps to get driving license in New Jersey

Step 1

  • Apply only after crossing the 18 years old age limit.
  • It is important to have at least 24/40 vision capacity in your every eye; you can use the corrective lenses for the same also.
  • If you are applying for the commercial license you need to hold the Class license of New Jersey. To apply for the CDL license of New Jersey, you cannot come with the driving license of other states.
  • Provide a fit certificate from a physician to prove that you are fit and fine to take the driving responsibility. The 6 point ID verification process of New Jersey is to ensure the Identity of all the applicants for CDL license. The applicants must need to submit the documents issued by the secondary or primary government according to the rules of MVC of New Jersey add 6 points. Actually, you need to pass the residency requirement and 6 point ID.
  • Primary Documents: U.S passport, civil birth certificate these are worthy of the 4 points to achieve the 6 point ID requirements. 3points are your civil marriage certificate.
  • Secondary Documents: Most of your other documents are worth of 1 point. If you are applying for the commercial license then these can be your Class d DRIVING LICENSE OF New Jersey, signed AM card, bank statements or your current utility bill.
  • If you have an out of state license, submit previously before applying for the Jew Jersey driving license.
  • Take a complete vision screening.
  • To get your driving license, you need to pass the required written test and also the road tests if you are carrying a provisional license (out of state) or you’re out of state license has expired or that license not issued within the US, US territory or District of Columbia.
  • Then pay the required fee for the driver license. After submitting all the necessary documents these payment is necessary and this is your non-refundable driving permit fee. It covers your background checks, testing, and processing.

Rules for the non-US citizens

If you don’t hold the US citizenship, you must need to fulfill some specific criteria to have the driving license in New Jersey. The MVC of New Jersey uses the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements to verify the immigrant status of the immigrant. Most convenient is to visit the website of the New Jersey MVC to complete all the process with proper rules.

Step 2

Eligibility Requirements

Your age is a big factor here, if you have not crossed the 21 years age hurdle, you need to satisfy the specific requirements and necessities of Young adult road process of GDL.

If you are over 21 years old or just reached 21, you have to complete some steps to get your driving license in New Jersey.

In your way, firstly you have to get an examination permit.

Get the probationary driving license for 1 year before having your final license.

After holding the 3 months of examination permit, you will be eligible for the probationary driving license.

Step 3

Preparation for the driving test to obtain your license

Knowledge tests

In your knowledge test, you need understand the rules and regulations of the commercial drivers. These tests held at the driving testing centers or the regional service centers of New Jersey and that include the vision test often. From the website, you can download the brochure with all the information about the test. Minimum 80 percent score is required to pass the test.

Road test

After crossing the knowledge or vision test, it is necessary for you to cross the road test. It covers the basics of vehicle inspection, driving test in normal traffic and performance of the driver.

After crossing all these hurdles, finally, you are eligible to get your driving license.

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