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Georgia Super Speeder law

Georgia has a number of laws that can result in fines and penalties when a driver violates them. Driving a motor vehicle without insurance is one of them, and there are others you should be aware of as well. Larger cities in the state, like Atlanta, can have heavy traffic at times. There are times, however, when the road seems clear on that no one is around for miles. Depending on where you are in the state, each major highway can have varying speed limits. Paying attention to these speed limits is incredibly important, as there are laws in Georgia that can involve fees if you get a ticket for speeding.

Not only can going above the speed limit be dangerous, but it is also against the law. Speed limits can change often in the state, so paying attention to the signs will help keep you driving legally. In some areas, the speed limits may be 15 mph more than in others. This tends to happen when moving away from the city, with speed limits often getting lower as you approach a town. For people who are not paying attention to the speed limit, there are police in the state who are. Each city has a Police Department, and you can be pulled over for driving at speeds above the limit. Knowing what the fees, fines, and other penalties are for driving above the speed limit is essential.

While there are tickets that people can get for going above the speed limit, there are also tickets that focus on people who are driving at higher speeds. When people drive at higher speeds, they are violating a Georgia law called the Super Speeder Law. Violation of this law can result in significant expenses. To avoid these expenses and penalties, people need to know what the law is all about and what the repercussions of violating it are.


What Is A Super Speeder?

The Super Speeder Law defines what it is to be considered a Super Speeder in the state of Georgia, and also what the fines and penalties are when a Super Speeder is caught. Super Speeders are people who meet specific requirements, which are based around how fast a person is driving on certain types of roads in the state. These people are driving more quickly than the usual ticket spectrum, and face steep fines and penalties if they are caught. The police departments in each state are looking out for violators, handing tickets out to help make the roads and highways in the state safer to drive on.

A Super Speeder is a person who is convicted of driving at 75 mph or higher on a two-lane road. People who are convicted of driving at 85 mph or higher on any street or highway in Georgia are also considered Super Speeders. There are fines and fees associated for people convicted, and the Super Speeder Law applies all over the state, no matter where you are driving. If you are an out of state driver and violate this law, the same fines, fees, and penalties apply.


Super Speeder Fines And Penalties

There are numerous penalties that can occur for people who violate the Super Speeder Laws in Georgia. Some fines and fees are paid to the jurisdiction where the ticket was received and the speeding offense occurred. There are also state fees and other possible penalties that can impact drivers who are caught in violation.

Outside of the ticket in the jurisdiction in which the speeding offense took place, there is a $200 Super Speeder fee that must be paid by the convicted driver. For people who fail to pay this Super Speeder state fee within 120 days of their official notice, their driver’s license can be suspended. It is also possible to lose driving privileges.

Also, convicted drivers will need to pay a reinstatement fee to lift their driver’s license suspension. To do this, they will need to pay the reinstatement fee of $50. If they do, their driver’s license can be reinstated, and their license or driving privileges can begin again. For people who have a violated the Georgia Super Speed Laws more than once, steeper penalties can be in place, including a driver’s license being suspended for a more extended period.

The DDS will notify people if they need to pay a Super Speeder fee. They will then be notified by mail of the fee that they are required to pay. Once notified, 120 days are given to pay the fine. For people who fail to pay the fine to the DDS within the 120-day deadline will have their driver’s license, permit, or driving privileges suspended. If your license is suspended, the reinstatement fee of $50 will apply.


How Super Speeder Tickets Impact Your Car Insurance

It is not surprising that for people who are going over 30 mph faster than the speed limit and are caught, the person’s insurance premiums rise significantly. Even going faster than the speed limit as little as ten mph, however, can lead to insurance rate increases. Rates in Georgia for people who are caught driving over the speed limit can go up 15% or more. This is for driving 11 to 15 mph over the speed limit. They can go up 25% or more for people who are driving between 16 and 29 mph over the speed limit, and rates can rise up to 55% or more for people who are driving 30 mph over the speed limit.


What Can I Do If I'm Ticketed As A Super Speeder?


If you are caught as a super speeder in the state, you have a few different options. The first is to pay the fines and receive increased insurance premiums. The second is to hire a lawyer to try and negotiate your ticket down. If able to do this, you may avoid the longer-term impacts of having this type of ticket on your record. Sometimes lawyers can negotiate an offense down to a lower one so that it does not show up on your insurance companies records. If your traffic violation appears to your insurance company, your premiums will likely go up in the amounts listed above.

Hiring a lawyer can cost money, but for people who are driving faster than the speed limit, insurance rates can go up significantly. For people who are caught driving over 30 mph above the speed limit, rates can go up $1,000 or more per year for their automobile insurance plan. It is often well worth it to have a clean driving record, making having legal representation massively beneficial. The most common way that lawyers provide these benefits is negotiating the speed on the ticket below the speed listed in the Super Speeder laws.

Keep in mind, there is a statute of limitations on fighting these types of tickets, meaning that you will want to move quickly if you are issued a ticket from being in violation of the Super Speeder laws.


How Will I Be Notified That I Owe The Super Speeder Fee?


People are notified by mail by the DDS if they owe a Super Speeder fee. If you know that your ticket comes with one of these fees attached, you can also reach out yourself to expedite payment of the fee and the process in general.


Will My License Be Suspended?


Your driver's license can be suspended if you violate Super Speeder laws in the state of Georgia. Also, you risk having your driving permit or driving privileges suspended in the state as well. This occurs when you fail to pay the Super Speeder fee as a result of your ticket. If your driver’s license becomes suspended, the reinstatement fee will apply in order to gain back your driving privileges.

There are safety reasons for posting speed limits. By violating speed limit laws, people are putting not only themselves, but other people, at risk. For every ten mph that a person’s vehicle is going faster, the crash force of an accident doubles. This is the reason why Georgia has put forth such strict laws when it comes to driving above certain speeds.


I Am An Out Of State Driver; How Does This Affect My Driving Privileges?


As an out of state driver, you are subject to the same laws that Georgia drivers are. People who do not pay their Super Speeder Fee to the Georgia DDS will risk of suspension of their driving privileges within the state. If you are caught driving in the state after your license has been suspended there, it can lead to even heftier fines, fees, and penalties. The suspension of your license in Georgia will also be reported to your home state. Some states will take additional action if they receive this type of report. Even as an out of state driver, violating the Super Speeder Laws in Georgia can be a costly endeavor.

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