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Famous Roads for Great Drives in California

If you are visiting California or you are a tourist there, you will come across various things that will create a nice impression about the place in your mind. One of the most notable points about California is its robust framework of road that connects California with other parts of the country. The notable roads in California include the Pacific Coast Highway that enjoys international repute and fame. In addition, there are ample of other roads, some Freeways, some Urban & Rural pathways as well as the Highways that will impress you, offering the perfect driving condition. Here is a list of the most notable Drives in California.

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The span of this Highway is about 655 miles, connecting Danna Point and Legget, running through the entire span of the state, along with its coasts. The mesmerizing landscape along the highway inspired filmmakers to shoot several hundred films on this world-famous highway. Malibu, Hearts Castle, Big Sur, Golden Gate Bridge and the Bixby Bridge are some of the most important spots that you will come across, driving through this Californian Highway.

Tioga Pass - the highest Highway pass in California

This road leads to the world-famous Yosemite National Park, which is one of the most popular sites of tourist interest in the US. Driving across this road, you will come across features like Snow-capped peaks, meadows, natural lakes and various other sites that feature mesmerizing scenic beauty. Lying at an altitude of almost 10000 Feet, this is the highest highway pass in the state. However, you can relish the experience of driving through this road, only during the summer months. This pass spans a distance of 74 miles and connects Lee Vining with the Yosemite Valley. The Tenaya Lake, Olmsted Point, and Tuolumne Meadows are some of the most popular sites, along with this highway pass. This road is alternatively known as the State Route 120.

Highway 395 - The road the incentivize you with the clear view to the tallest mountain in the US

This is a desert Highway that stretches between the Lake Topaz and Victorville. In between this stretch, the road crosses through some places that feature heavenly landscape. One of the key attractions along this road is the clear sight of the tallest mountain in the US as well as you will pass by ghosts towns and lakes with stunning natural beauty. The total stretch of this road is about 557 miles and it covers the distance between Victorville and the border of Nevada, lying to the east of Tahoe. Major attractions along this road are the Fossil Falls, Alabama Hills, Manzanar Internment Camp, Mount Whitney and the Wilderness of Golden Trout.

Route 66 - a historic route between Santa Monica and Needless

This route that stretches to the Santa Monica Pier Right, close to Los Angeles, along with the central part of Southern California, is not that popular as the ones, described above. However, this road passes through innumerable stops with significant historical legacy. The total stretch of this route is 315 Miles, covering the distance between Needless and Santa Monica. The Bottletree Ranch, Santa Monica Pier, and Amboy are some of the notable sites that you will come across, passing through this route.

El Camino Real - A road that connects all the 21 missions in the state

If you are aspiring to drive through a unique drive, you will hardly get a better alternative to this Californian Road that covers all of the 21 reputed Missions in the state. This will be right to describe as a historic route as you get to explore the history of the state and the nations, visiting these sites. You will have a sweet surprise as you will explore the significant differences between each of these missions. Connecting San Diego to Sonoma, this road spans for a distance of 600 Miles. The Missions in San Diego, San Fransisco, and Santa Barbara are a few of the sites, you must visit, driving along this road.

Interstate 15 - the road that leads to Vegas

Alternatively known as the Freeway 15, this road will take you towards Vegas. One of the stunning features of this road is its close resemblance to the Route 66 and it connects to the Death Valley. Driving through this road, you will come across various notable stops that promises you a good entertainment. This 315 Miles road connects Needless with Saint Monica. The Mad Geek, The Town of Baker and the World’s Largest Thermometer are some of the most popular sites, coming along this road.

You will surely enjoy, driving through these roads and it will fetch you a chance to relish Natural Beauty and explore the history of the state and the Nation.

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