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Famous Bridges of California

One of the stunning features that attract photographers to shoot photos in California is its various bridges that you will find all across the state. Some of these bridges have appeared in various international movies for innumerable times and these bridges feature gem of architecture and are important edifices for the history of the state. Here are some short descriptions about some of the most famous bridges in California.

Note: Be careful on the bridges, since most car accidents end in a lethal outcome. Also, you must have auto insurance in California, this will allow you to return part or the full cost of the car after the accident.

Golden Gate Bridge

The discussion about the most notable bridges in California will be incomplete if you are not giving a special mention to this bridge. As a matter fact, this Californian bridge has been photographed for several hundred times and the mesmerizing scenic beauty of the place and its architectural richness justifies this reason. This bridge features the dimensions of 8980 feet and 746 feet for its length and height, respectively. The bridge was erected in the year 1933.

Bixby Bridge

Constructed in the year 1931, this bridge impresses the contemporary architects with its architectural features. It triggers a surprise at how a gigantic structure of 714 x 279 feet was constructed with such robust strength could be raised at a time when the construction methodologies and techniques were not so modern as in contemporary times. The location of the bridge on the Pacific Coastal Highway, close to Big Sur, which is one of the most popular sites of tourist interest in the state. You will love the scenic beauty of the place, surrounded by mountains and water bodies, alike.

Coronado Bridge

This celebrated bridge spans through the harbor in San Diego and connects the downtown areas of San Diego with the Island of Coronado. Even if you have driven through this bridge for hundred times, you will surely find each trip to be as entertaining as driving through a new place. The construction involves steel and concrete and its length is around 11000 feet and that bridge rises to an elevation of 200 feet. This bridge was made open to the public in 1967.

Foresthill Bridge

The exceptional scenic beauty of the place, surrounding the bridge and its magical landforms have made this bridge the most loved ones to the Californians. The bridge was constructed in the year 1971 on the famous Pacific Coastal Highway and it extends for a length of 2428 feet and its height is 522 feet. Till date, it is the tallest bridge in the entire state and one of the tallest bridges, across the country. The construction has been robust and no major experiences of driving difficulties have been experienced by the drivers, driving over this bridge.

Big Creek Bridge

This bridge features high resemblance to the design and architecture of the Bixby Bridge and hence, Californians usually refer to this bridge as the cousin to Bixby. This similarity is so high that people often get confused between these two bridges. However, the similarity is not in terms of the construction features, but, in the aspects of the scenic beauty of the surrounding places as well. This bridge is visible from a far-long distance and serves as one of the most important landmarks of the state. You will pass over this bridge, as you will drive to Big Sur. This 495 foot bridge was constructed in 1932.

In addition to the ones discussed above, the Sundial Bridge, Fern Bridge and the Bridge to Nowhere are other notable bridges in the state. All these bridges feature a richness in its architecture and design and offer you a wonderful scenic beauty to drive through. If you are visiting California, visiting these Bridges should be a-must schedule in your tour plan.

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