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Does Car Insurance Cover Tire Damage?

One of the most common things to happen to people when they are driving, in terms of expenses, is flat tires and other damage to the surrounding parts, like rims. Sometimes all it takes is hitting a pothole at the right angle, and the person will have a flat tire or a dented rim. Automobile insurance has two main functions, one of which is paying for accidents that the policyholder causes. Some policies cover sudden and accidental damage that the insured vehicle gets if in an accident, but also damage from other perils as well. There are multiple different types of car insurance plans, and each of them covers different situations. If a car is damaged in a way that is not listed on the policy, it will generally not be covered by your car insurance plan. General wear and tear and mechanical failure are most often not covered in insurance plans.

Will Car Insurance Cover Flat Tires?

Normal wear and tear on tires are not covered by insurance in most cases. As with many things, there are exceptions listed in your policy. Damage to tires can sometimes occur for reasons that are covered by your auto insurance plan, however. One of these situations includes when tires are vandalized or stolen. Even in this situation, you will need to have the proper type of insurance policy for the damage to be covered.

In addition, expenses related to roadside assistance are also often covered in car insurance plans. Sometimes you have to add a roadside assistance policy, though. Roadside assistance provides financial help when it comes to towing a vehicle, changing a flat tire, getting gas if you run out, and numerous other benefits that people sometimes find themselves needing.

Getting Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is the most commonly used type of coverage when it comes to tire damage. While policies do not cover normal wear and tear for the tires themselves, roadside assistance can help you deal with an unfortunate situation when it occurs. Companies like AAA, as well as most insurance companies, provide programs that do not cover the cost of replacing your flat tire but will help cover the costs associated with dispatching someone to where you are to change a flat tire or tow your vehicle.

Many people are not comfortable changing a flat tire if it happens. Some people are looking for peace of mind when they are driving, and knowing that assistance is available can be helpful. Most roadside assistance plans cost between $50 and $200 per year and can offer different services and benefits from one another. Compare roadside assistance plans and determine which policy is the best for you. When you get free car insurance quotes at Cheap Auto Insurance, you can see the companies that offer roadside assistance and how much it costs to have a plan added to your auto insurance coverage.

Car Insurance May Cover Slashed Tires or Stolen Tires

For people who have comprehensive car insurance plans, they receive coverage for a wide variety of perils. These perils can include damage from fire, sudden damage from natural causes, theft, vandalism, and more. In some situations, tire damage fits into these covered perils. When that is the case, your car insurance provider will cover the cost of replacing repairing the tires. This includes situations where tires are stolen or slashed.

Comprehensive car insurance coverage is an optional insurance plan that many people choose not to purchase. If a person is financing their vehicle, it is often in the terms of the contract that a person has to have comprehensive auto coverage. Situations involving the perils listed in comprehensive plans do happen to people. The damage can be very expensive, and often is unexpected. Filing a claim for a single tire might not be worth it overall, because each auto insurance plan has a deductible to it. If repairing the damage is worth less than replacing the tire on your own, you will likely benefit from paying out-of-pocket. Another thing to consider is that professionals recommend people changing all of their tires simultaneously rather than having one newer tire and three older tires on their car.

Final Notes

Insurance companies rarely cover flat tires. There are some situations where your insurance policy will cover damage to tires on your vehicle, which happens when your vehicle is involved in a covered situation. If you are in a collision with another vehicle, and you file a claim that includes damage to your tires, it can be covered by a collision insurance plan. If your tires are stolen or your vehicle is vandalized, an auto insurance provider could cover the costs. Many people do choose to purchase roadside assistance plans to help them if damage to their tires occurs, and these plans provide help changing flat tires or towing vehicles.

When you get free auto insurance quotes at Cheap Auto Insurance, you can easily find out how much collision car insurance, comprehensive car insurance, and roadside assistance programs cost. Comparing car insurance prices from multiple companies can help you save money, and Cheap Auto Insurance gets you quotes from the best car insurance companies. For convenience and savings, Cheap Auto Insurance has the best tools.

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