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Desert Driving in California - a gallant chance to explore Nature

You may have the experience of driving on the smoothest and the most fearsome roads. However, no such instances can meet the excitement in driving through the deserts. Sound fascinating? If yes, you need to turn to California that will be the perfect venue for driving through the deserts. Here are some of the Californian deserts that are the dream destinations for the adventurous-drivers.

In California deserts, forests are very many animals. So be careful while driving.

How do I get coverage for damages caused by animals? To get coverage for damage caused by the animal you need to contact your company auto insurance in California.

Death Valley

Even if all the deserts in California have taken into consideration, none can match the diversity of the Death Valley. Hence, this is one of the most popular destinations for the tourists to California. Features like Salt Flats, Sand dunes, Mountains, Volcanic Fields as well as Colorful Hills, and cracked-parched earth, as well as a natural lake, make the Death Valley a class by itself. The Death Valley is a must-visit driving course if you are aspiring to relish the excitement of driving through the deserts.

Kelso Dunes

Standing at an elevation of 700 feet above the floor level of the desert, the Kelso Dune entitles the visitors to hike on the largest dune. Though this hiking spans for just 3 miles, the extremity of nature and the sand will definitely offer stiff challenges in the path of hiking, making the experience thrilling and enjoyable. This wonderful Geo formation lies in the National Preserve of Mojave.

Red Rock Canyon State Park

You will love the place with its mesmerizing desert-landscape, featuring Cliffs and Buttes. In addition, you will come across some unique formation of the rocks that you will not see elsewhere. This is the perfect venue for desert driving as you will get the chance to explore the mystery in wildlife. The Last Chance Canyon that lies inside this park area, you will find the ruins of an old village and interesting artworks with the rock.

Joshua Tree National Park

The nomenclature of this desert holds references to the Joshua Tree that is an exclusive vegetation in the Mojave Desert. Belonging to the Yucca Family, these Tress can grow to a height of 60 feet. If the legends about these trees are to be believed, these Tress will not be lesser than a few hundred years of age. This park houses wild animals of various species. Thus, you have got good reasons to take the pain of driving through this desert.

Palm Desert

Lying in the foothills of the Mount Santa Rose, this desert is the cradle to the Palm Springs community. This site has earned much popularity as a resort destination, featuring incredible scenic beauty. In addition, this is one of the most popular golfing areas in the US. The Aerie Art Garden, The Park for Living Desert Animals and the McCallum Theatre of Performing Arts are the major sites of interest, while you will drive through this desert. Another attraction is the Botanical Garden, wherein you can enhance your knowledge of the Botanical Kingdom.

Driving through these Californian deserts will enable you to explore Nature as well as extreme diversity in flora and fauna.

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