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Auto Insurance for Non-US Citizens

Every year, a significant count of foreign nationals comes to the US for professional and other reasons, and they start driving their own cars. The number rises further, with the addition of the flocks the enters the US, crossing the boundaries from Mexican and Canadian sides. The question that comes up is whether these flocks can drive their cars on the US Roads legally and if they require the insurance coverage for driving. If these drivers require insuring their vehicles, what sort of policies ideally suit to their insurance needs? Paragraphs underneath shall discuss the key points in this regard.

Car Insurance for Non-US citizens - is it a must?

When it comes to the insurance rules in the United States, the nation never ever holds any disparity for the cars owned by the citizens or for the ones, belonging to their foreign counterparts. Thus, if you are a Non-US citizen and you want to drive your car on the US roads, you will inevitably have to get the appropriate insurance coverage, before you are legally permitted to take the cars on the roads. If truth be told, every year, thousands of Non-US citizens are buying new insurance policies or renewing their existing car insurance policies and thus, they are one of the largest target customer segments of the insurance companies in the country.

Assume, you are crossing the US borders with Canada and Mexico, driving your car. The Border security personnel will ask you to produce a valid car insurance policy for your vehicle, in addition to other documents, necessary in those contexts.

Thus, if you are a Non-US citizen, driving on the US roads, even before you are rolling the wheels it is necessary that you get the appropriate insurance coverage for your vehicle.This will give you a legal driver status.

What kind of insurance policy should I get?

The type and extent of the Vehicle insurance policy will get determined by factors like the vehicle type, the ownership status as well as the value of the car. You should include coverages on areas like Liabilities for theft & fire, Liability against willful damages, Coverage for Personal injury and accident. In addition, it will be wise to opt for the comprehensive coverage, collision protection as well as the coverages for towing and reimbursements for the rented cars. Though, buying these additional coverages is going to escalate the rate of insurance premium, it is certainly going to fetch good value in suitable instances.

If you are opting for the rented cars, ensure that the car rental agency is extending adequate coverage on the vehicles, before renting out the cars. However, if you borrow a vehicle for from your relatives or friends, it will be wise to add you as a temporary driver to the vehicle and this way, you can get a suitable coverage at relatively lower rates.

In instances, you decide to buy a new car in the US, the value of the car will decide the cost of the insurance premium.

How to get a driving license for US for foreigners?

In the majority of the US states, it is not a compulsion to get a citizenship to apply for a US driving license. However, you will have to prove your residency status in the specific sate to qualify for the license.

Following are the instances while you will be considered a resident in any US state:

  1. You are carrying out any trading activities in that state.
  2. You have enrolled your ward to the public schools in the state
  3. It has been 30 days or more, you have lived in that state
  4. You have been offered a job by any company in a state.

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