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Car Insurance for Bad Drivers

Some drivers have perfect driving records with no incidents that would suggest questionable behavior. These individuals are rewarded by the automotive insurance industry by receiving the best insurance rates for auto insurance.

There is also an entirely opposite population of people whose driving experiences left their driving records full of questionable incidents and their automobile insurance rates higher than other drivers. The more points they have in their records, the less likely they will get insured. If they manage to get insured, their rates are elevated. However, the automobile insurance industry is seeing more insurance companies that specialize in providing insurance policies at affordable prices to bad drivers.

Several Elements Are Used to Determine a Bad Driver

Based on the information collected by insurance companies to determine whether you can be insured, you might be considered a high risk. However, insurance companies use several things to make their determination.

  • First, auto insurance agents will acquire your driving record and review it to see if you have any at fault accidents, multiple tickets, or have been in accidents where you were not at fault.
  • If you cause an accident, your insurance will understandably go up. However, many people do not understand why their rates go up because of speeding tickets or minor accidents they did not cause.
  • The analysis by the insurance agents and labeling of the driver makes it almost impossible for the driver to acquire insurance.
  • Agents then look at the driver's personal profile. This typically consists of determining women are seen as less risky than men, adults are safer than teenagers, and urban residents are riskier than rural residents. Most of the factors happen naturally and a person cannot change them.
  • Next, insurance company personnel review the driver's insurance coverage history. If they find gaps in the insurance history, they determine that the driver either drove while uninsured or that insurance was revoked by a previous insurance company. The representatives are not interested in hearing an explanation that would help give a more accurate picture. The result is often costly insurance or being unable to become insured.
  • Insurance company employees also pull your credit history when determining your insurance rate or likelihood of being uninsured. By analyzing an individual's credit score, companies are able to determine what type of person you are. Typically, people who have lower credit scores file more claims which make insurance companies leary about providing coverage.

Things Bad Driver's Can Do To Get Better Insurance Rates

While many insurance companies turn their backs on bad drivers, the drivers still need a solution to the problem of being unable to qualify for insurance by having to pay extremely high rates.

There are several ways bad drivers can attempt to lower insurance costs or become insurable.

The first thing that a person should determine is if they really need a car anyway. If they live in an urban area, there are usually multiple public transportation choices available for their use.

Sometimes, a person who cannot get insurance or afford insurance must get more creative when it comes to transportation. Good old-fashioned carpooling is a popular way to share costs.

As a driver, you can also attempt to improve your driving record through a number of ways.

  • You can take a driver safety course. Typically, you can get information on the course in your area from the DMV/RMV. Completing the course successfully can help you remove four points from your driving record.
  • Another option when trying to improve your driving record is to dispute any charges and violations on your record. This is often successful because they typically remove the points if they do not have any evidence that you committed a traffic crime.
  • Next, strive to be a better driver. Depending on where you live, license points are automatically removed if a person does not have violations for a year.
  • In some states, you can take a written driving test. Once you pass it, they will remove two points from your record.
  • Do not settle for a company labeling you as uninsurable. Shop around for quotes at other companies.
  • Use the Internet to look up various options and to look for cheaper rates.
  • There also numerous things you can do to reduce your premium while repairing your record.
  • Think about switching to a cheaper car because expensive cars cost more to insure.
  • Drop the level of car insurance you keep to the state minimum.
  • If you live in a dangerous part of town, consider moving as it will lower your rate.
  • Increasing your deductible lowers the amount of your premium. Just remember that you may have to pay out of pocket if you have an accident.
  • Lastly, consider combining all your family members on one insurance premium to lower the cost.

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