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Top 6 Best Car Pranks

Pranks are meant to spice up life and give a pleasant makeover to the existing lifestyle. It holds true for your vehicles as well and applying a few pranks, you can expect to get some unique and hilarious reaction from the party on whom you are applying the prank. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss a few of such worthy pranks that you can try for your car.

Exhaust Whistle- a simple prank that can produce a mischievous result

This is extremely simple to perform this prank on your vehicle and you will be delighted with the outcome. You will simply require putting the exhaust whistle in the exhaust pipe of a vehicle when the driver of the car is about to start accelerating the car. This act will produce such sound that will give the impression about some mechanical troubles with the car. The reaction will be really funny!!

Switching the settings

Simple franks like turning the volume of the car radio to stereo to the optimum extent, producing a blast while your friend will turn on the system, is one of the most commonly tried pranks on car owners. Being more creative, you can even turn on the blinkers or the car wipe that will surprise the driver to the ultimate extent.

Installing some secret noise producing devices

If you don’t mind to invest some minimum amount of money on your pranks, you can think of installing home hidden devices that will start making the sound, the moment your friend gets into the car. You can even opt for the automated pieces that can be timed for producing such effects.

Filling up the car cabin with balloons

Looking for a prank that will be enjoyed by the person to whom you are applying it? Then, fill up the cabin of the car with balloons and soft toys. This will be ideal to perform at your friend’s birthday that will definitely give him/her a nice feeling.

Vehicle replacement the best prank to apply for a car owner, obsessed with the vehicle

You must be having a friend, relative or a co-worker who is exceptionally obsessed with his/her car. If you are wondering for the best prank to try on such car owners, here is the best option for you. Should you have a fair extent of time, you can use the time to replace the car by some distance and explore some damaged cars of the same make and model to stand in the place, where the person has left the vehicle. It will give them an impression that their vehicle has been crushed.

Changing the frame of the License plate

If you are looking for the most intense prank to try on your friend, you can think of replacing the license plate of his/her vehicle. This is a harmless prank that takes the minimum time and produces the highest of fun and entertainment as it will leave the owner of the car completely bewildered!! Don’t get surprised, seeing the strange reaction of the owner of the car.

The purpose of applying these pranks is pure to make some fun and to amuse people. Hence, refrain from performing those pranks that can damage the car or can trigger some very serious instances in the course of driving. Making fun never implies that you take a toll on someone’s money or his/her safety and security.

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