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The best and worst states for drivers

Have you ever wondered which states are the worst for drivers? There have been many conversations about which cities are worse for driving. With factors including traffic, potholes, and accidents all considered, there is a lot of information out there. It seems like every state you have ever been to has had complaints about construction and being the worst estate ever for drivers. People do not need to drive to every single state and check know which are the worst though. In order to get the answer to the best and worst states for drivers; statistics paint an accurate picture. For many people, driving can be very peaceful. Some people like to drive on backcountry roads, and spend a lot of time and money on their vehicles. Others have the opposite experience, being frustrated by construction barrels and excessive traffic in some areas. Here are some of the best and worst states for driving. Information here has come from various studies.

The Best States For Drivers

Some of the best states for driving are North Dakota, Ohio, and Nebraska. Some of the common elements of states considered the top states for drivers are a convenient layout, statistics that show a safer driving experience, and affordability of vehicles and insurance in the state.

The top state for drivers is North Dakota. The state has a low fatality rate of 1.2 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled and a lower vehicle theft rate than the national averages at 235 thefts per 100,000 inhabitants. North Dakota also benefits from lower average gas prices, lower repair costs, lower maintenance costs, and insurance rates that are also under the national average by around $300 per year. With only 12% of the roads in poor condition, there are also fewer potholes on average and shorter commute times. North Dakota does not have many larger cities, keeping traffic at a minimum and driver happiness higher.

Many states that are rated as the best states for drivers are in the middle of the country. These states are a little bit flatter and tend to have lower populations overall. Another state that is known for good driving is Minnesota. Minnesota is a state that also has long roads that are well maintained. There are a few larger cities in the state, and while people can find traffic there during the rush hours, the roads are still rated well in comparison to many other larger cities in the country. Minnesota is one of the larger states on the list of best states for drivers.

Other states on the list include South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa. These states are all right next to each other and are also in the middle of the country. With low overall theft rates and a low fatality rate, these states all rank in the top 10 best states for driving. Ohio is another state on the list, and many people are surprised to know that it is included in the top five, coming in at number four. Ohio has a lot of countryside to it, and it’s larger cities are smaller than many other larger metro areas in the country. Ohio also has some roads that charge tolls, though there are usually other options going the same direction as these. This leads to higher amounts of convenience overall.

Indiana and Vermont are also on the list of best states for driving. Vermont is one of the only states near a coast that can boast a high ranking.

The Worst States For Drivers

Some of the worst states for drivers include California, New Jersey, Washington, and Connecticut. These are a few states that do not fare as well in terms of safer driving experiences, affordability, and the convenience of driving. People have different concerns depending on which state they are living in. In some states, people have to pay attention to insurance rates on a much larger scale.

The impact of being in an accident can raise automobile insurance rates in some states more than others. For states that have a more significant number of potholes, the maintenance expenses for vehicles can be higher. Traffic can cost people more time, which adds up to less time to spend on the things that they want to do. Weighing all of these variables helps lead to understanding what the worst and best states for drivers are.

Before we get into information on the worst states to drive an automobile in, keep in mind that there are many tips that can help make your experience better in the long run. First off, know that you will get to your final destination. Sometimes it takes a lot longer than people would like it to, but this is one of those variables in life that you have no control over. Many people choose to listen to music, enjoy an audio cast, or think about pleasant things in life. Others decide that they want to plan their day out, and this is a perfect time to do that mentally.

California is well-known to be a state that has terrible traffic in many areas, and also features a larger number of big cities. There are places in some cities where people can drive from point A to point B in 20 minutes. Getting there while there is traffic takes an hour to an hour and a half or more. People adjust their schedules to get places earlier in these situations, and most people in California love living in the larger cities. Even so, they would be even happier without all of the additional time being spent on traveling.

Many people choose to have a combination of driving their vehicle and utilizing public transportation. This can help people cut down on stress since they can do things while they are on public transportation systems. Nationwide, the average percent of roads that are in poor condition is 22%. In California, that amount goes up to 45%. The state also has more thefts on average, higher repair costs on average, higher insurance costs on average, and gas prices are also higher than the national average.

Other States In The Top 10 Worst For Driving

Other states that are statistically worse for drivers include Hawaii, Connecticut, Washington, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. Also, in the top 10 worst states for driving are New York, Colorado, and Maryland. Each of these states has statistics that put them at the bottom of the list. Each state is different in terms of the rankings. Some states are better for driver satisfaction than others, and some states are lower in terms of overall expenses than others. Where these states are consistent, however, is in their placement as some of the worst states in the country for drivers.

Honorable Mentions For Best States For Driving

Michigan needs to be brought up as a state that takes an honorable mention spot. While drivers here have strengths in some categories, other categories have them closer to the bottom of the list. The rate of careless driving in the state is one of the things that brings them down in the rankings significantly. Maryland is another state that has one statistic that brings the ranking down for them, which is of their rate of drunk driving accidents.

Honorable Mentions For Worst States For Driving

Mississippi has some decent showings in a number of topics but still has the third most deaths per 100 miles driven. This is a statistic that puts them lower on the list than they might like to be. Maine is another state close to the bottom, as people love to drive faster there, and they also have much higher than average drunk driving issues. Also, while Alabama is one of the more polite states, they also have a number of categories where they are on the lower tier.

How This Information Affects Insurance Premiums

These statistics and rankings have some impact on the rates people pay for their automobile insurance policies. Of course, the minimum limits required by the state also have an impact, as do many other factors. Take the time to look over the automobile insurance laws in your state, and choose an automobile insurance policy that best protects you.

For states that are at higher risk of natural disasters, consider comprehensive insurance coverage. Look at if it will benefit you by providing protection for the disasters that can occur in your area. In addition, for states that have a higher rate of automobile collisions, comprehensive automobile insurance might be a solid choice. Use the tools on this website to get free quotes on car insurance and find the best car insurance policies to fit your needs today.

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