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How Can I Add A Driver To My Car Insurance

In some situations, a person will want to add another person to their driver’s insurance policy. There are benefits to doing this, such as in cases where a teenager is just starting to drive. Adding the teenager to their parent's car insurance plan can help save money overall, but there are things that parents should know before adding the child. When people move in together, they may also choose to add the other person to their auto insurance plan. In many cases, this addition is required.

When You Need To Add Someone To Your Car Insurance

If a person resides in your household, has a driver’s license, and has access to your vehicle, they will need to be added to your car insurance plan. This includes a wide variety of possibilities. If a person is your spouse, significant other, or child of driving age, they will need to be added to your auto insurance plan. Depending on how far away your college-aged children live and whether they drive your vehicle while they are at home, you may need to add them to your auto insurance policy as well.

Some automobile insurance companies also require people to be added to your plan if they are a roommate or another person who has a driver’s license and lives at the same address that you do. Even if the car insurance provider does not require this, consider adding anyone who may borrow your car even occasionally that lives with you. If they are involved in a car crash, your insurance company might not cover the damage if they are not named in your policy but should have been. Check with your car insurance provides to learn their particular policies and procedures.

How To Add A Driver To Your Insurance Policy

There are multiple ways to add people to your automobile insurance policy. A person can be temporarily added to your auto insurance plan if they are a guest, au pair, babysitter, or other person who is frequently using your vehicle over an extended period. Whether this is required or recommended depends on their relationship with you, whether they are living at your residence, how long they will be using your vehicle, and the policies at the insurance company providing your policy.

Regardless of whether you are looking to add someone to your insurance plan temporarily or for a longer-term, contacting your car insurance provider is the first step. In most cases, a person can add other people to their automobile insurance plan online. Calling your insurance agent or provider is also a great way to get somebody added to your plan. You will need to have information about them to put them on your policy.

Information you need includes their name, date of birth, gender, Social Security number, occupation, how long they have had their driver’s license, and whether or not they have received recent traffic tickets or accidents. If they have recent tickets or accidents, knowing what they are is helpful.

The Cost Of Adding A Driver To Your Car Insurance

When you add a person to your automobile insurance plan, it will affect your rates. Adding another driver to your auto insurance policy will often raise the cost of your plan, but it can also lower your insurance costs. Understanding how the addition of another driver impacts your car insurance premiums means considering whether adding another driver will increase the amount of risk that the insured vehicle will be involved in a crash overall or if it will decrease the risk.

If a driver who is more likely to get into an accident adds a driver that is less likely to get into an accident, it is possible that the car insurance rates will go down overall. If the opposite is true, that a person who is considered to be a high-risk driver is added to the plan of a person who is a lower risk driver, the rates may go up.

Final Notes

One of the best ways to find the cheapest car insurance plans available for your particular situation is by comparing policies from multiple companies. Cheap Auto Insurance has many tools available to help you find the best car insurance plan to suit your needs. Get quotes from at least four companies at Cheap Auto Insurance, and compare each policy line by line to make sure they cover the same things. Some car insurance providers offer additional perks, like roadside assistance, included in the price.

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