Repairing your car with recycled parts

Now we are sure that you have at least heard of the big issue regarding the fact that some insurance companies in the United States agree with the use of recycled parts for repairing a car that has had an accident. Is this useful? Who wins out of this situation? We are going to see in the following lines.

Is all this in the advantage of insurance companies? We have to say that they are the ones that would win the most out of it obviously because the cost of the repairs in case of an accident will be much lower. And this is the main reason why they are trying to impose that recycled parts should be used.

On the other hand there are the persons that insure their cars and want to know that everything is going to be all right in case they suffer an accident. Of course they won't agree with this because after all it is normal to have OEM parts used for repairing a car. There is also the case of older cars where non-OEM parts would be a solution, but we still think that the owner should agree with this.

Insurance companies would like to offer their clients the chance to pay less for insuring their cars if they agree that in case they are involved in an accident, recycled parts are going to be used for repairing them. We advise most of you not to agree with this, unless you have an older car or if you get a great price on the insurance.